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6. My #fridayreads: The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty ( from Sept 30-Oct 6th, come discuss at She Reads!), Wedding Belles by Beth Albright, and  Grounded by Angela Correll (look for my review and interview next week with Angela Correll!)


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A Seaside Christmas by Sherryl Woods

a seaside christmas

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Are you in the mood for sweet holiday story? One that soothes the soul, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy? A Seaside Christmas is what you are looking for!

Jenny Collins dreamed her whole life of having a big family, a family to love and support her. Her and her mother were close- but when she would look at the O’Brien family- she knew that was what she wanted. Until, her mother married an O’Brien and then became pregnant. Jenny begins to feel left out and replaced. For the last few years, Jenny has been living in Nashville working as a songwriter and becoming famous. The relationship with her mother has changed and Jenny feels some guilt- but not enough to make a change, Until this Christmas. After a cheating scandal with her ex-boyfriend, Caleb Green, Jenny is looking forward to being away from Nashville in the holiday season.

When her aunt Bree calls Jenny to ask her to write some songs for a Christmas play- Jenny agrees, but is still hesitant about seeing her mother, stepfather and brother. But Bree insists and Jenny needs a break from Nashville. So she decides to head to Chesapeake Shores and leave life behind for a few days.

Caleb Green has other plans for Jenny, though. Caleb knows he screwed up with Jenny- he was drinking too much, and the public scandal of his cheating hurt Jenny in so many ways. Caleb has had time to think about things- and he knows he needs to at least make amends with Jenny- so he heads to Chesapeake Shores to do that. The more he sees Jenny, though, the more he realizes that he doesn’t want to be just friends- he wants her back in his life. And he sets out to prove to Jenny that he’s a changed man.

Jenny is on a emotional roller-coaster- the O’Briens are ready for her to mend the rift with her mother, Caleb is back in her life, and Jenny is not sure what she should think of all this. Slowly, Jenny begins to see how much she’s missed Caleb- but can she trust him? Jenny also starts to see that the only reason she felt left out at the O”Briens is because of herself, not them. Can Jenny finally see that there is a place for her in the family?

Set in a beautiful town, with characters that are loving and memorable- A Seaside Christmas is full of love and happiness- and second chances.

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

This is my first Sherryl Woods book- but I’ve been looking for  sweet and romantic book to read for some time. I’m a sucker for stories like this- and A Seaside Christmas did not disappoint. Slightly predictable- but warm and fuzzy. Fans of Sherryl will not be disappointed (I’m sure!) and if you are looking for a sweet read for the upcoming holidays, you’ve found it!

*This book was requested through Netgalley, All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.