Literary Friday, ya’ll…

Well, it’s not Literary Friday… so welcome to another late edition of Literary Saturday. It’s that time of year where everything gets moving SUPER FAST and well…. Dec may just have some more literary Saturday’s 😉

1. ICYMI at Traveling With T: #AMonthofFaves is alive and kicking! The Favorites Edition, Underrated Books We Think Deserved More Buzz, Popular Books Worth the Hype.


2. The 9 foot Christmas tree with the branches you have to put on individually.


3.  Getting approved for books you want to read is such a thrill!


4. I shared about a few of my favorite things- but you should read my post for more!


5. #FridayReads: I finished The Better Liar by Tanen Jones. So. Darn. Good!


6. This was of my 6 picks for Underrated Books We Think Deserved More Buzz….


7. #AMonthofFaves started this week! What books did I think were worth the hype?


*What are you reading this weekend?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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