A Month of Faves: On The Screen

Have you checked out to see if Girlxoxo and Estella’s Revenge posted about some good book to movies today?


FRI. Dec 21 – #AMonthofFaves On the Screen – What did you watch this year that you absolutely loved and did you see any movies inspired by books you’ve read – what did you think?


I missed out on the whole Crazy Rich Asians movie- I hadn’t read the book yet!- and I thought the movie trailer looked very promising, but was unsure if I needed to read book first or not.

However, I was ALL about going to see A Simple Favor. I mean Blake Lively & Anna Kendrick. SHUT the front door. Both played their roles like freaking stars.

While I was reading A Simple Favor, I kept thinking that it would make a better movie. And it did. The things that bothered me in the book were smoothed over in the movie. The movie was shiny, interesting, and had 2 kick-butt actresses in it.


*Did you watch A Simple Favor?*


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12 thoughts on “A Month of Faves: On The Screen

  1. I loved A Simple Favor!!! I never read the book but I didn’t want to wait to see the movie. I’m glad I didn’t wait!!! I do plan to read the book though!!!

    Crazy Rich Asians was magical! I laughed and cried and loved it! It’s definitely worth renting this holiday if you have time 💕

  2. natashajk says:

    I agree about skipping the Crazy Rich Asians book and just checking out the movie. I LOVED the movie and was “blah” about the book. It’s a rare occasion for me when that happens 🙂

    And I hadn’t heard of A Simple Favor (either the book or the movie) before this prompt but you’re the second person to write about it so now I’m intrigued!

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