Happy National Auntie’s Day 2018!

If you’ve known me for a minute- you know that one of my roles is an aunt. I love these 2 sweet girls to pieces and will tell stories and show pictures and will give you tons of side-eye and a “bless your heart” if I even THINK you are trying to be snotty about my nieces.

Growing up, I had 4 aunts. 3 were my aunts as I came into this world and 1 aunt came along later (marrying an uncle when I was older.) 3 of my aunts had kids already and so while we did stuff together- it was always with other kids (my cousins) and it generally involved a chore ( some type of shopping for groceries) OR was educational related (think Spring Break day trips) OR was just hanging around the house- nothing planned, just existing.

When I became an aunt, I was very excited. Even though there are some stories that float around family get togethers that might have people think that I don’t like kids- I actually do. I just don’t always have a lot of patience for children who needed to be reminded of manners (or parents… but that is a whole other story!)

Years later, as I’m now an aunt to 2 nieces- It dawned on me why my relationship is different with my nieces than how it was with my aunts.

I don’t have kids of my own.

I can generally set aside time for the girls when they come to visit- fetch the DVD’s, make the cookies, swim, swim, swim- play hide and seek, go on treasure hunts, paint, and more. When the girls come, I don’t have other kids needing my attention. It’s them. Just them.

According to Melanie Notkin, this makes me a PANK (Proud Aunt, No Kids) and it’s a role I relish.

Being an aunt is the best thing for me. I have fun with the girls- sometimes I have to discipline (there was a recent Miss A and Sir Thomas incident that caused me to have to bring out the Discipline Aunt role) but mostly- it’s sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. Because I just get to play, watch the world through their eyes, and hear the pitter-patter of little feet not every day, but at least a couple times a month.

Because they are 4.5 years  and 17 months old, the hard stuff is not really happening. I know there will be days when they want to confide things in me, social media mishaps, and more that will come. I know that for the most part their parents will have the responsibility of handling this. I also know that just as the Sir Thomas incident showed me- that sometimes I have to give a little tough love to Miss A. And one day to Little A. I hope that as the years roll on- the A’s share things with me, want me to be part of their lives, and never get too old to give me sweet hugs.

How did I celebrate National Auntie’s Day? Well, Little A spent part of the weekend with me- so I spent the earlier part of the weekend swimming, feeding her chicken salad, watching Frozen and having fun with her. I got to see Miss A last night while dropping off Little A and then today- well, I rested (Little A made me tired 😉 and went swimming, watched The Practice and just relaxed… Until I spent most of early evening watering the plants.


* Happy National Auntie’s Day to all the Aunts!!! I hope your day was filled with awesome- and if you are looking for books to give to your aunt OR books to enjoy after your weekends with nieces/nephews- then this list is for you! Which book would you read from 4 Books To Give To Your Aunt for National Auntie’s Day?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T’



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