Literary Friday ya’ll…..

So where was I last week on Literary Friday? Having a belated Thanksgiving with the 2 cutest nieces ever, playing dolls with Miss A (she just got her first American Girls doll and loves to have someone play with her) and cleaning up the high chair from Little A’s Turkey day dinner (she loves to eat, but allllllll did not make it in her mouth!)

This week’s post is going to have some pictures, some great links and other fun! Oh and an update on Sir Thomas (plus a funny story)…. He got his stitches out the week of Thanksgiving. He had to stay in for another day or so to make sure where they removed the stitches was ok and then he was free to run and play outside!

For those who are following me on Instagram- you know that he’s had to wear some shirts during this trying time and I was not familiar with what size he would need (he weighs 17lbs it’s mostly muscle 😉 So I picked up a couple different sizes of boy’s shirts…. I found out that 6-9 months works perfectly for a cat of his size and set aside the 12 month shirt to return.

I was at my brother’s house last night and I looked on their table and I saw a shirt just like the 12month shirt I had purchased for Sir Thomas. Then my brother came in from work and told me that Miss A had told him that I had bought that shirt for Little A and gave it to her last week when they were in town for Thanksgiving. So, we all laughed and laughed about the shirt that was originally bought for Sir Thomas and now is Little A’s…..


Literary Friday


1.Today is the first day of #AMonthOfFaves! I hope you are joining in! This is my recap of some of my fave things of 2017!


2. ICYMI review at Traveling With T: Left To Chance by Amy Sue Nathan.


3.  Reviews from around the web: Always With A Book reviews The Sleeping Beauty Killer, Doing Dewey reviews Careers for Women, Suzy Approved Book Reviews reviews The Last Mrs. Parrish, OnDBookshelf reviews Fork, Knives & Spoons, Reeca’s Pieces reviews Forks, Knives & Spoons, Roasted Romance reviews November 9th, Novelgossip reviews Anatomy of a Scandal, Crime by the Book recommends some thriller reads,  & over at The Suspense is Thrilling Me– one of Chelsea’s guest reviewers (Dennis) is reviewing Two Girls Down.


4. I’m one of the co-hosts of #instawithbooks #cozyupwithbooks over at Instagram for December! Today’s prompt is Wish List! What does that mean to you?


5. Some of the Instagram photos I’m loving today that are participating in the challenge: The Novel Life, Mom’s Small VictoriesRoasted Romance, Bloomin.chick, SilversReviews, MyNovelOpinion, HoneyandPinecoCarolsNotebook.


6. #FridayReads: I’m not reading anything today, but just finished the latest Library Lover book by Jenn McKinlay!


7. This is how I spent my last Friday instead of blogging and while I love blogging and talking with my online friends… spending time with these 2 sweeties is worth time away from the blog.


8. December is going to be busy with #AMonthOfFaves and #instawithbooks #cozyupwithbooks happening. I’ll still be blogging and you can catch me on Instagram ( I’m really embracing the IG stories and generally have a story or 2 up that is me keeping it real and sharing slices of my life), Twitter, and Facebook.


*Can you believe that today is December 1st? What books are you looking forward to reading in December?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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