Literary Friday, ya’ll….

literary friday

With Christmas only a week-ish away- have you finished your shopping? Wrapped your gifts? Gotten ideas about how to decorate your holiday table?

**Fun kitty cat story: Jerry is crazy about chips. If there is a chip in the house, he will smell it out and sit there, looking pitiful, till you give him a bite. This morning, I walked in the living room holding a handful of Chex Mix- yep, he likes them as well. Sigh. There is apparently few snacks that Jerry will not eat or at least try to get me to give him a bite.**


1. Deep South Magazine: Recipe for eggnog and Southern cookbooks that should be under your tree. **Side note: I’ve never had eggnog- but this recipe sounds good!**


2. Traveling With T turned 5 this week (YAY!!) Because I am so thankful for you readers- I’ve got some book bundles (SIGNED) that you could win!


3. 2 #FuturisticFriday giveaways happening- Stalked and The Marriage Lie!


4. This week in #AMonthOfFaves2016, I talked about changes made to life/blog/etc and some winter reads I’m excited for!


5. Merry Christmas, Baby (the version by CeeLo Green and Rod Stewart) has been basically on repeat this week.


6. Reviews from around the blog world: BookFan reviews Love, Alice, Always With A Book reviews In Twenty Years, The Baking Bookworm reviews Scrappy Little Nobody.


7. The Book Wheel shares 5 books on her holiday list and how you can win yours!


8. My #FuturisticFriday partner in crime, Katie @ Doing Dewey, just celebrated her 5 year blog birthday! She’s having a giveaway that ends in just a few days!


9. If you like curly seasoned fries (and if you don’t, well.. I just can’t even!!!!) The Baking Bookworm has a recipe that sounds delish.


10. #FridayReads: I’m reading Everything You Want Me To Be and Get Your Sh*t Together.


What are you doing this weekend?

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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