Traveling With T’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2016


I know. It feels like it’s barelyย  November and in Mississippi- well today is nice weather (it’s in the 70’s!) . But with it being only 6 days to Thanksgiving, 7 days to Black Friday, 8 days to Small Business Saturday and 37 days to Christmas Day- even though we may not be ready to talk holiday shopping, the time is upon us.

But, don’t you fret- because I have been making a list for your holiday shopping (so that you will have more time to kick back, enjoy that hot chocolate and a good book ๐Ÿ˜‰


Gift Guide for Book Lovers:

1. Gift cards. Book lovers love gift cards so we can go get the book we want (because odds are that you don’t know all the books we’ve pre-ordered or already have). Some pre-order suggestions to use your gift cards for: The Shimmering Road by Hester Young (February 2017), The Secrets You Keep by Kate White (March 2017), Slightly South of Simple by Kristy Woodson Harvey (April 2017), Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson (January 2017), and The Fifth Letter by Nicola Moriarty (January 2017).

2. Bookmarks. Every reader needs a bookmark and Marked by Mary makes some exceptional ones.

3. A Book of the Month Club gift card/subscription- popular books, books that will shake up your reading rut!

4. Indie bookstores. No, don’t gift them an indie bookstore, but DO stop in- ask for suggestions (they usually can recommend books based on If you love this, Try that), pick up a signed edition of a book they LOVED, or if all else fails- give them a gift card (and a reason to spend an afternoon stopping and smelling the books!) Popular suggestions on indies (and most of them will ship if you don’t have an indie near you!) TurnRow Books, Square Books, Lemuria Books (all in Mississippi!) are excellent suggestions!


Mad About Stationery? Here’s your guide:

1. May Designs. I love how they design the notebooks. Lightweight, flat, and oh so pretty. Plus the paper is GOOD- no ink bleed through!

2. Erin Condren. Her planners are bit pricey (average starting prices 50-55 bucks and on up as you customize to your heart’s desire.) But Erin thinks of many things and the planner is pretty perfect for your busy gal on the go.

3. Need notebook accessories or planner accessories? PlanningZen has some of the cutest things I’ve run across in some time. They give your notebooks and planners that extra layer of pop.

4. I recently went to Mistletoe Marketplace in Jackson, MS and absolutely fell in love with a darling stationery story and was tickled pink to see that it’s actually a local-ish store for me. Thimblepress is the name and it’s got something for everyone!

For the dog & cat lovers:

1. Barkpost recently published a book called Dogs and Their People. Ya’ll it’s super adorable and I think it’s so great for dog lovers (even though since I have changed teams, I’m now more of a cat fan- since 3 great cats walked into my life 2 years ago. BUT for 10 years, I had the greatest dog ever and I still think they are pretty great animals!


2. Pet toys from! They have some of the cutest stuff for my kitty cats!

3. If you are an animal lover, consider a donation to CARA (or a facility like that in your state.) CARA is a no-kill shelter in Mississippi and they are always in need of extra food, supplies and other things. Your state may (probably) has a similar facility!

For Home Decor:

1. Over at Design Chic, the team of Kristy Woodson Harvey and Beth Woodson are always sharing pictures, links and other decor items that will make your home look so happy. They featured a post from Get Decorated the other week and it’s like having a designer come to your house- but virtually. Tips and ideas, suggestions and a list of where to buy the things they suggest (from inspiration from your Pinterest boards and general ideas!)

2. Little Blessings Creative Crafts in Lena, MS. True story- I met the sister to the owner of the store a few years ago at a book signing. A few weeks ago, I noticed she was posting a picture of a GORGEOUS fall door sign. Anyway, her sister makes them and while I am more partial to the fall ones (especially the pumpkins!) the Christmas ones are adorable and would be perfect for gifts!

For The Gal Who Needs Pampering:

1. The Alluvian in Greenwood, MS. Massages, pedicures, and body scrubs (just to name a few things that can experienced!) Want some extra pampering? Arrange to stay a night or 2 in Greenwood, MS (December and January specials are listed here)- you can have some spa treatments, dine at the great places to eat in Greenwood or shop locally for books (if you need more ideas of what to do in Greenwood, check out my Visit Greenwood post!)


*What will you be purchasing for friends and family for Christmas?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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