Good-bye Zeke, Good-bye…. You will be missed.


Zeke. My dog. My best friend. Subject of many pictures. Lover of ear-rubs, good brushings, hugs and fluffy pillows. Could smell a fresh pedicure a mile away and would make a bee-line to lick toes. Doggy-grins and perked up ears majority of the time. Color of caramel with chocolate dipped ears.

So excited to see people come home he would do a bunny hop. Ears flopping around, tongue hanging out- he loved and he was loved.

You were (and still are loved). Miss you, Zeke-y boy, miss you. xoxo


4 thoughts on “Good-bye Zeke, Good-bye…. You will be missed.

      • I know how you feel! My dog passed away in 2009 and I couldn’t have predicted how much it would hurt. I thought I’d never get over it. Well, I suppose I’m still not entirely “over it.” I still miss him sorely but now when I think about him, the pain of the loss is not always the first thing I remember. But it gets easier!

      • Thanks. It’s been a week today. I’m sorry for your loss as well- I guess I’d never thought of how hard it would be when Zeke was gone. I made a collage of pictures of him today to scrapbook.

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