#FuturisticFriday: New Releases We Can’t Wait To Read for July-September 2016

Futuristic Friday Katie

We’re back! Katie and I are dishing it out about the reads we are pretty excited over for the months of July-September 2016! Beach bag need some new reads? We’ve got you covered! We’ve got a HUGE blockbuster author (her LIES kept T hooked 2 years ago 😉 Tall Poppy Authors are represented over the months, some debuts sure to knock your socks off, and a sprinkling of the nonfiction!

Buckle up, babes- we’ve got lots to cover!


Katie at Doing Dewey’s July 2016 Futuristic Friday picks:


Monterey Bay, Multiple Choice, The Last One, The Lost and Found, The Unseen World, Truly Madly Guilty, and Heaven’s Ditch.

( I am also excited to get my hands on Truly Madly Guilty- especially since I’ve been re-reading Big Little Lies lately- oh calamity 😉


T’s Futuristic Friday July 2016 picks:


Luck, Love & Lemon Pie, The Choices We Make, Baggage Check, In Twenty Years, Lowcountry Book Club, One Less Problem Without You and Mata Hari’s Last Dance.


Katie at Doing Dewey’s Futuristic Friday August 2016 picks:


American Heiress, Good Morning, Midnight, Playing Dead, Seven Skeletons, The Last Days of New Paris, The Regulars, and With Love from the Inside.


T’s Futuristic Friday August 2016 Picks:


With Love from the Inside, The Last Treasure, The Matchmakers of Minnow Bay, Can I See You Again?, Everything We Keep, Results May VaryThe City Baker’s Guide to Country Living and The Language of Sisters.


Katie at Doing Dewey’s Futuristic Friday September 2016 picks:


How to Make A Spaceship, The Last Days of Night, The Secret Ingredient of Wishes, The Spice Box Letters, Trainwreck, As I Descended, and Hidden Figures.


T’s Futuristic Friday September 2016 picks:


Lethal Lifestyles, The Vanishing Year, Triple Love Score, and The Secret Ingredient of Wishes.


40 books over 3 months- whew!!!


*What book(s) are you most excited to read?*

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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10 thoughts on “#FuturisticFriday: New Releases We Can’t Wait To Read for July-September 2016

    • You are so welcome! Funny thing- we try not to include the same book on both of our lists and I usually read through Katie’s list when she sends it to me. When I sat down to read it this time- I just laughed since we had not 1 but 2 books the same! Can’t wait to read the book!

  1. Jealous you got your hand on Truly, Madly, Guilty!! I do so love some good calamity (and loved her Big Little Lies)!! I will be joining you on the blog tour for Triple Love Score though! My review schedule has really filled up suddenly too. So nice to have great reads to look forward to! Happy summer reading!

    • SIGH- I did not (have not) gotten my hands on Truly Madly Guilty. I do want to read it, but IDK if a galley will magically show up at my house or not. If not, I’ll just have to BUY it 😉 😉 I’m also not joining the Triple Love Score tour (I was asked, but declined- I think I want to read this book with no commitment- no pressure to blog, etc!)

      I hope you find a few off the Futuristic Friday list that you want to read 🙂 🙂 Happy Summer Reading!!!!!

  2. Carol Doscher says:

    I am looking forward to Truly, Madly, Guilty. I am a big fan of Liane Moriarty’s books. Also Choices We Make by Karma Brown. I loved, loved, loved Come Away With Me. I had the pleasure of reading an ARC of Everything We Keep and highly recommend it.

    • I stopped by the library to put in my request for TMG- they said they might order it and if they do- I’ll be first on list! The Choices We Make is FAB! I have a copy of Everything We Keep (just gotta read it!)

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