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Well, Book Talk With R & T is drawing to a close- sigh. I hope you’ve enjoyed the week and all the posts 🙂 Rhiannon and I have been working hard to keep you all entertained 🙂

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My Pen Pal:

Growing up in a small town, I went to a school where I knew everyone- my class had 13 kids in it (I’ll let that sink in.) I would see movies of kids who go to camp and meet friends there and exchange letters- and that appealed to me- writing a letter to someone who was a friend- but not part of your every day life. Alas, the camp angle did not appeal to me (the bugs are not my friends) but still- the idea had merit.

At the end of 2nd grade, my mom took me and my brother to go spend a few days with my aunt- I remember us going to the pool and to see Batman (the one with Michael Keaton). My aunt lived in a town about 3 hours from where we live- so it was kind of like a mini-vacation. When I got down there, I was introduced to a girl who lived across the street. Patty was a grade ahead of me- but we were less than 6 months apart in age. All week, we ran around the neighborhood, riding bikes, walking to the store to get candy, and just having fun. It was like having a new BFF and a sister rolled up into one person.

Before we left, we exchanged addresses (this was before email!) and promised to write. Each time I opened the mailbox and saw a letter in her pretty cursive handwriting, I would be so excited. The next summer, we got to spend a week together- but it was bittersweet- because my aunt was moving to my town. I would love to say that we still write- but that would be a lie. After my aunt moved- we did keep in touch for a while longer- but, at some point, we lost contact with each other.

A few months ago, I was cleaning out some old boxes- and found my memory box- I had my diary and some notes- and then I found the letters from Patty. I laughed at all the things that we found so newsworthy back in the day- and then stuck them back in the box for a trip down memory lane at a later date.

As I write this blog post, I wondered if she’s on Facebook and just for kicks- I checked it out. She is on Facebook and she looks a lot like the girl I remember from many summers ago. I can’t decide if I’ll ever reach out to her- after all, it was a lifetime ago- but it’s a nice thought.


Did you have a pen pal? If your pen pal sent you a friend request on Facebook- what would you think?

Happy Reading,

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6 thoughts on “Book Talk With R & T: My Pen Pal

  1. Jennifer C says:

    I love that story, and I think you should reach out to her! I moved around a lot growing up, and unfortunately, I lost touch with so many dear friends over the years. Facebook has reconnected me with many of them, and I am grateful for it. 🙂

  2. I really loved this story too and the fact that you still have the letters. I’d go for reaching out on Facebook, but that’s really up to you and how you feel about it. Perhaps a memory just to be enjoyed.

    • Thank you!!!! I do wonder if it’s better for it to be a memory to be enjoyed- it’s been over 20 years since we last saw each other. But, I’m thinking about sending her a message- just to say hey!

  3. I wrote letters to several people when I was young. Cousins, my grandmother, and some friends from camp. It would be fun to connect with those lost friends on Facebook. I kept all my old letters as well, and they’re fun to read from time to time.

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