Book Talk With R & T: My Pen Pal

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Well, Book Talk With R & T is drawing to a close- sigh. I hope you’ve enjoyed the week and all the posts 🙂 Rhiannon and I have been working hard to keep you all entertained 🙂

Check out Rhiannon’s talk about pen pals and don’t forget to enter the #giveaway!


My Pen Pal:

Growing up in a small town, I went to a school where I knew everyone- my class had 13 kids in it (I’ll let that sink in.) I would see movies of kids who go to camp and meet friends there and exchange letters- and that appealed to me- writing a letter to someone who was a friend- but not part of your every day life. Alas, the camp angle did not appeal to me (the bugs are not my friends) but still- the idea had merit. Continue reading