Looking for Planner Peace? Try The Book Blogger’s Planner!

The Book Blogger's Planner

Listen- ole T is a happy little nerd when it comes to pens and paper. I loved back to school supply shopping (well, except for when my mom would wait too late and all the cool stuff was gone- sigh. And I still don’t understand why she would insist that I did not need a new Trapper-Keeper every year when I would equally insist that I did!) Many years later and after a discussion of this one night- it was revealed- my mom hated back to school shopping. If I didn’t look like her- I’d wonder some things- like maybe the night I was born (along with the 32 other babies- an accidental switch happened). Oh well. We can’t all love paper and pens like I do.

Since it’s been established that I am a paper and pen nerd- let’s talk about planners. Back in my college days, I had a planner that was multi-purpose (it had a monthly view- where I wrote due dates, etc and then it had a weekly planning section- that I used half for school projects/half for notes on what fun things we did in college.)

When I got out of college- I put planners aside. I thought my planner life was over. And then when I began wanting them again- I couldn’t find one that I liked. Most I was seeing had resorted to weekly planning- which was fine (I liked that) but I needed a big monthly view (and not just the tiny calendar in the corner).

End of 2014- I bought an Erin Condren planner. I really like it- but it’s a heavy planner. Lots of room, but not always purse friendly. I love the layout and I like the fun of it, though (see Instagram pic) When Jamie put out the word about her Book Blogger Planner– well, I thought- I’ll try it out!

So here is a recap (and some images) as I break a new planner in for the year. πŸ™‚

book blogger planner 2

Ooh- look at how pretty it is. Plus, it’s light. Super light. I can easily throw it in my purse and not feel a strain on my shoulder. It can also be carried easily when my niece is in town and I think she’s down for a nap- and I sit down to blog/plan- only to find out that no- we are going to fight the nap and want to watch moreΒ  Sprout.

So yay for that.


book blogger planner 1

It’s got the month view- which I LOVE. The only thing I don’t love is that it’s not pre-formatted for the months and my writing is not always cute.

I especially like The Notes section- I can make a list style mention of events (like I’ve done) or insert other things.


book blogger planner

But this is where Jamie’s planner shines. There is a specially designated place to write the book reviewed, where you shared review (social media and retail sites). For bloggers, this helps. It allows you to glance down the list and to see where you want to share- and to see where you have shared. I’m probably the most excited about this- because I share my reviews like a boss on Twitter, Facebook, Google+- but not so great at retail places.

More info:

Pages for books read and favorite quotes! It’s like Jamie knows the heart of a reader πŸ™‚


Bottom line:

If you are a reader or a book blogger- this planner has lots for you. Keeping up with books, when/if you’ve shared on social media/retail sites = major plus for the book blogger or a reader. Because the more we share the love about our fav books- the better for everyone πŸ™‚

It’s a 6 month planner and while I would personally like to see Jamie create a year long planner- I don’t want it to become too bulky. I also think a pre-formatted month option would be nice (seriously, Jamie- my writing is terrible!)

All in all- it’s a planner that is the closest thing to planner peace for this book blogger!


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

traveling with t sign off picture

21 thoughts on “Looking for Planner Peace? Try The Book Blogger’s Planner!

  1. This turned out fabulous!!! Thank you soooo much for all the time you put into this and sharing all about it! Oh and the great insight!! Glad you love it too πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Wesley says:

    I also have not cute handwriting! Haha. It is the perfect size for a
    purse. I’m always in the middle of doing something when I get a blog idea so I can just grab it out, scribble on a note and continue!

    • *fist bump* I’m glad someone else has the not cute handwriting thing πŸ™‚ Seriously- I’m digging the size of it- I’ve been able to hold Miss A, my planner, blankies and a toy and get us all settled down in for an afternoon of nap/Sprout time.

  3. I am such a person who loves calendars, planners, and all kinds of new pens – have to have them. I loved my planner that I used for my professional days. I like to write reviews and want to keep track of them and the books I have read so I think I will go look for a planner again that will work for me.Thanks T.!!!

  4. I love this! I NEED to get this. As a book blogger, this will be perfect. It’s light, but a yearly one would be more preferable. Looks highly customizable and cute! My handwriting would definitely ruin it, sigh!

  5. Hi T and thanks again, this planner is one I would love to have and hope its soon! I seriously need a place to keep track of when, what, books I have read, reviewed, and written notes on…and this looks like the one! Love planners, and this has to be better than all the notebooks I have now! Do you know when this might become available for purchase? I have shared it on FB! Yes!

  6. I just sent a note re: purchasing this planner – I really hope its available soon. Sounds like a lot of us think it is useful! Thanks T! I think its kind of a natural seasonal thing with me…I loved to get ready for school and had to have all the new pens, planners, sticky notes and colored markers etc….Although I am retired this still happens every approaching back to work days…

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