Book Talk with R & T: Until You’re Mine movie cast

Book Talk With R and T

So….. Have you all been enjoying the Book Talk with R & T feature that me and Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews have been working our collective bloggy fingers to the bone over? Oh, I hope so! 🙂

I know there are people who are so anti “books being made into a movie”. And I know that sometimes the movie is just not that good. But, I still love to see the book on the big screen- and when I read a book- I think of people who I’d like to see on the screen. So.. Today at Traveling With T as part of the Book Talk with R & T feature- I’m revealing my dream cast for UNTIL YOU’RE MINE. But, the fun does not end there- Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews will be revealing her dream cast today, as well. And guess what? We haven’t shared our ideas! So, read my list, read Ivory Owl Reviews and then let us know your thoughts! Check out Ivory Owl Review Ideal Cast For UNTIL YOU’RE MINE!

Traveling With T’s Dream Cast for UNTIL YOU’RE MINE

Zoe: Emma Watson or Emma Roberts– both the Emma’s have that sweet look- they look like people you would trust with your children. But, beneath that innocent façade is layers- layers of pain and hurt, even a touch of crazy. I think these ladies could pull Zoe off perfectly.


Claudia: Sienna Miller– each time I read Claudia in UNTIL YOU’RE MINE- Sienna Miller popped in my head. She’s lovely, she has this glow- a maternal look about her, someone you would be drawn to, attracted to and want to help and protect. Sienna also projects the right kind of energy for Claudia.


Lorraine: Juliana Margulies– she can be tough and she can be gentle. She can be brisk and efficient, and dig into a dramatic role quite well.


James: Alexander Skarsgard– he’s nice enough looking to play James- but with a shady air about him- which works well for James.


Adam: Eric Close– Stiff. Firm. Rigid. With an ability to show emotion, to really delve into the heart of the matter when need be. He could play a man who is worried about his personal life, but also focused on finding out who is harming the pregnant women.


Now- after checking out my ideas- don’t forget to check out Ivory Owl Reviews!

Want more Book Talk with R & T fun? Check out our in-depth discussion of  UNTIL YOU’RE MINE characters, setting, and so much more!

Oh, and be sure to check out the Samantha Hayes interview– where she reveals who she thinks would make the perfect cast for Until You’re Mine!

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