Interview with Samantha Hayes, author of Until You’re Mine

until you're mine by samantha hayes

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Hello, hello! As you know, all this week at Traveling With T and Ivory Owl Reviews– we’ve teamed up to discuss the heck out of the book UNTIL YOU’RE MINE by Samantha Hayes (released April 15, 2014!) When me and Rhiannon were talking about things we wanted to feature this week, an interview was definitely something that was high on the list. Guess what? We (and ya’ll!) got lucky and scored an interview with Samantha Hayes. Read on for Samantha’s thoughts about writing, some authors she enjoys, and the inspiration for UNTIL YOU’RE MINE.

Interview with Samantha Hayes

Where did you draw your inspiration for Until You’re Mine?

The first seed of this book came to me when I inadvertently opened a letter meant for the lady who had previously lived in our house. I was shocked to see that it was from the hospital asking if she wanted them to dispose of her frozen embryos. Obviously I did the right thing and informed the hospital, but it got me thinking. Was it possible to steal a baby before it was even born? Who would do such a thing? The womb is a safe haven, but what if someone threatened that? It fitted perfectly with my love of writing about families and the terrible things that can threaten even the tightest of units.

Did  you write this novel straight through from the beginning or out of order, such as the climax first?

I wrote Until You’re Mine from the beginning straight through to the end, switching back and forth between viewpoints. For me, that works best. I want my experience of writing to closely reflect the reader’s experience of reading, so it makes sense to work straight through. That’s not to say I always know the twists and turns along the way. For this novel I did know the ending, although how I pulled that off developed as I wrote. It’s great as an author to be surprised by your characters. I know the reader will then be surprised too!


Are any of the characters in Until You’re Mine based on people you know?

Not at all, although I will admit to occasionally “harvesting” interesting character traits or mannerisms or a certain “look” and mashing them together. I think I’d feel bad killing off someone I knew! Some people in real life have such curious sides to them; it’s hard to resist using a few components here and there in my writing.


How long did it take you to complete Until You’re Mine?

It took me about a year to write, which is normal for me. It was a really satisfying experience as I found all the characters really varied and interesting to explore. So much so that I’m bringing my detectives back in my next novel.

How much input did you have in the selection of the cover for Until You’re Mine?

I totally trust my publishers on this one and let them get on with what they do best, although if I disagreed strongly, my opinion would be heard. But I really love being surprised by my covers and I’ve never been disappointed. My US publishers, Crown, have done a fabulous job of portraying the sinister nature within a domestic setting on the hardback edition. It’s very different from my UK cover, but I love it just as much. I think I squealed when I first saw it! And we’re in for another treat on the paperback edition, too.


Samantha, have you heard if Until You’re Mine will be made into a movie? If so, do you have ideas as to who should be cast?

There has been some interest over the last few months but nothing concrete as yet. So many people have said to me it would make a really great film, and I have to say, that’s how I write. I visualize scenes in my mind and write them down as they play out. I think my perfect cast list would be Julianne Moore to play DI Lorraine Fisher and Michael Fassbender to play DI Adam Scott—my married detectives. I’d then have Jessica Chastain to play Claudia and Jennifer Lawrence to play Zoe.

Who are some of your favorite authors? Any up-and-comers we should be watching?

I loved Louise Doughty’s Apple Tree Yard, and although she’s not a new writer by any means, it was the first of hers I’d read so I’ll be seeking out more.

I was sent the proof of The Book of You by Claire Kendal, a debut author, and was totally gripped by the unusual narrative. It’s very sinister and creepy! I’ll be looking out for her next.

I also love Nicci French’s books and am enjoying her Frieda Klein series of crime novels.

When did you find out Until You’re Mine was going to be a US release?

I found out during the summer of 2012. I was actually away on our family holiday and doing a crossword on a beach when my agent called with the wonderful news. I couldn’t believe it at first. In fact, I thought the sun had got to me, so I went for a swim with my daughters and told them I was going to be published in the States. I admit to a glass or two of champagne that night!

Do you have any US book tours planned?

Not currently, but I did spend a wonderful few days in New York at the end of last year meeting my lovely publishing team. I’d never been before (even though I lived in Seattle for a year), and it was everything I expected and more.

The ending leaves open the possibility of a sequel. Do you have one planned?

Not a sequel as such, but the next in the series of books featuring Detective Inspectors Lorraine Fisher and Adam Scott is already written and out in the UK April 2014. It’s called Before You Die and follows the detectives and their family, but with a completely new case to solve.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on the third novel in the Fisher and Scott series. I can’t say too much yet, but it’s all planned out in detail and I’m loving writing it. I will say it’s incredibly creepy and nail-biting!


*Special thanks to Samantha Hayes for agreeing to answer the questions and to Jessica at Crown Publishing for helping in the process of getting the interview.


Be sure and check out the fun stuff happening this week at both blogs as we begin a new joint feature: Book Talk with R & T (and don’t forget about the giveaway of UNTIL YOU’RE MINE!)


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