Thursday Mashup



It’s the Thursday before the big love-fest day known as Valentine’s Day. This Mashup will have some recipes that I found that might be just the perfect thing for V-day (whether you be single, married, madly in love or whatever!)



Tastes of Lizzy T posted about this Amish Chocolate Covered Cherries a couple of weeks ago- and the picture she used- YUM looking! I read the recipe- they did not sound too hard (all hail those of us that pots and pans quake with fear as we walk through the kitchen!)

The Frugal Foodie Mama made Double Chocolate Cherry Biscotti- and I basically wanted to lick my computer screen. No, wait that’s gross (and I so didn’t). But if in the future scratch and smell links come to computer screens (you know, like about the time that everyone has flying cars) THIS is the recipe I want to try first.Β 



**A side-note: I’ve been taking small breaks from social media the past few weeks. Not reading through my whole freaking Twitter timeline, not checking my Facebook page, not obsessing about what a G+ newbie I am. Oh, I’m still on there- but I just needed a break. Side-effect of my break: I feel like I’ve lost some social media mojo. Argh!

I found these bloggers by accident- well, more due to the power of the Retweet! Thanks Taylor at Pink Heels, Pink Truck for RT’ing this and leading me to a new group of bloggers!

Busy Being Jennifer blogs about online blogging communitiesΒ and 12 Misconceptions About Bloggers Part 1 & Part 2. I found all her articles to be interesting and informative!

Plucky’s Second Thoughts blogged about What Not To Do With A Blog- and I had to laugh at many of her tips (they are good- but her phrasing is humorous!)


Literary Love:

Love At First Book (& other bloggers) teamed up for a week of Literary Love posts- here are a couple of my fav ones:

Doing Dewey: Bookish Things I Love

Suey’s Books: Literary Love: Author Signings

Love at First Book: Magnetic Bookmarks (how to!)



H2O Bungalow has a DIY Burlap Flower Monogram that is making me very envious (and potentially casting lustful eyes at my nearest Michaels store to get the necessary loot to make it)

Need last minute ideas for your Valentine? The Thinking Closet has you covered (plus has it divided into neat sections so you can quickly scan!)


I hope you found something foodie, bookish, bloggy and crafty that you needed to today! Tell me in the comments or visit my Facebook page!

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

T Traveling With T pic sign off



12 thoughts on “Thursday Mashup

  1. Tamara – – love the new look of your site! And thanks so much for the shout-out to my last minute gift ideas for Valentine’s Day post! Hope it can help out some of your readers in a pinch. Now, off to check out some of these other fab links.

  2. Tamara..Love the Thursday Mash-up! So glad you like my burlap dragonfly monogram..seriously it’s easy to make. There’s even a little video embedded to show how to make the burlap rose! If you get stuck…just message me and we’ll do a google chat so I can walk you through it! Take care & thanks again!!

  3. My pans definitely don’t fear me.if they had eyes theyd roll them at me.I saw a pin on pinterest that said “I read recipes like I read science fiction. You think to yourself yeaaaah that’s not gonna happen”.

  4. momssmallvictories says:

    Oh goodness, frugal foodie momma always gets me with her mouth watering pictures and recipes. Let me know how the biscotti turns out.
    I have been enjoying the literary love posts, great ideas for book lovers!

    • YES! She does- the pictures are like screen-lickable.

      I will! Well, one day-when I make it. I have all these grandiose kitchen plans and then my pots look at me and I’m like “ugh- do I want to cook or read?” And my books say “come read!”

      Loving the literary love posts!

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