Favorite Literary/Film Romantic Couples

fav romanctic couples

Romance is in the air- today is Valentine’s Day! Whether you are celebrating romance by reading or watching a good movie- we all have some fav romantic couples from film or literature!

Here’s a few of mine:


gone with wind film

Photo Credit: IMDB

Scarlett and Rhett: Gone With The Wind- I LOVE Scarlett and Rhett- the looks between them, the bantering back and forth!

sound of music

Photo Credit: IMDB

Captain Von Trapp and Maria: The Sound of Music- from when she asks “what his whistle sound to call him is” to the meeting in the garden (oh my stars, I love that scene- basically the movie is over after that scene!).Β 

the cutting edge

Photo Credit: IMDB

Kate and Doug- The Cutting Edge: This is my movie. THIS is my favorite movie. I love this- the snappy dialogue, the looks between them- and when they say I love you- and then the Joe Cocker “Feels Like Forever” song plays- oh, I’m just a puddle of emotions.


a hundred summers

Photo Credit: Goodreads

Nick & Lily- A Hundred Summers: The sweetness of a beginning romance and the sorrow at how it falls apart is just a tip of this book!

the wrong girl fb

Photo Credit: Goodreads

Jane and Jake- The Wrong Girl- technically not a full-fledged romantic couple- but the sparks are there. The wanting is there. Now to see if they can put aside the obstacles and be together!

the guest house

Photo Credit: Goodreads

Cooper and Lexi- The Guest House. Cooper and Lexi have problems (Lexi’s heart was broken by Cooper’s brother) but the sparks, the feelings that flow between these two when together- well, you just can’t help but root for them!

Nancy Drew Case Files

Photo Credit: Goodreads

Nancy and Ned: Nancy Drew series! My first introduction to a romantic couple- so I hold a special place in my heart for them!

logan likes mary anne

Photo Credit: Goodreads

Logan and Mary Anne: Logan Likes Mary Anne:Β Where Nancy and Ned were my first introduction to romantic couples in literature- Mary Anne and Logan won my hearts. First, because they were more like me- Nancy was so cool, so big city cool- and Mary Anne was so much more relatable. Second, I was actually closer to age to Mary Annne- so I could see having a first boyfriend like Logan. Nancy and Ned were more the ideal for when I was older.

These are just SOME of my favorite romantic couples from film or literature- I really could have went on and on and on and on!

So, tell me in the comments who your favorite romantic couples from film or literature are- and let me know if any I picked are your favs!

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

T Traveling With T pic sign off

16 thoughts on “Favorite Literary/Film Romantic Couples

  1. Toooooooe Pick!
    I really need to find this on Netflix before the Olympics is over…
    Also, Im a total non-crier at most books and movies but in the movies category there’s a movie called Somersby and there’s a courtroom scene at the end between Richard Gere and Jodie Foster (an admittedly sort of odd pairing) that reduces me to a gelatinous weepy mess every.single.time. And it’s an interesting movie.

    • You do, you do! I see it sometimes in the DVD pile for like 5 bucks too!

      I remember watching SOMMERSBY years ago. And I think I liked it! He’s supposed to be dead right and when he comes back no one is sure what to think since he acts different, right?

      • It’s true, I need a trip to the Wal-Mart bargain bin.

        So it’s during the Civil War and Jodie Foster’s husband is off at war, and then he comes back but things are weird. Like his shoe size is different, and the dog doesn’t recognize him and he doesn’t know any of his friends and it’s all suspicious but some of it could have plausible explanations. Then you find out that Jodie Foster and her husband kind of hated each other, so she starts falling in love with this man who came back and she doesn’t know if it’s him or not.
        So there’s a scene and he’s like “how do you know I’m not your husband?” and she goes “because I never loved him as much as I love you”.

        And by that point I’m full on, wide open mouth wailing.It’s quite a sight! hahaha

  2. Christine says:

    Jack and Rose are my favorite, and I’m totally with you on Doug and Kate.

    For books, I like the controversial pairing of Nancy and Frank Hardy over Nancy and Ned.

    • Ahh- I do like Jack and Rose, too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Doug and Kate- I think they are the best- sigh……..

      I LOVE how you phrase: the “controversial pairing” of Frank and Nancy πŸ™‚ Can you imagine if Twitter was around during the days- would we have been making #TeamNed #TeamFrank shirts and hashtags?

  3. Ooh, I love this topic… for me, I would have to say for film (not really the movies), but Doctor and Mrs. Cosby. For a book, not really a romantic story in the sense of a couple, but I love the romantic era book Frankenstein. I can’t seem to think of a couple that I enjoyed reading about…

  4. Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, sweet lady!! I am so honored to have Lexi and Cooper be a part of this wonderful list!
    I will be dating myself here but so many of my favorite screen couples were soap couples–or those on sitcoms, ie Sam and Diane. In literature, I love JoAnn Mapson’s Chloe and Hank, or Anne and Gilbert, of course!;)

    • Happy belated V-day to you as well πŸ™‚ Cooper- you know my feelings on Cooper #literarycrush- but those 2 together- OMG. Magical. I love Cooper and Lexi πŸ™‚

      Were you a Luke and Laura fan? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I was a kid during the Sam and Diane days- but I remember them!
      πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Love the lit ones!

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