Hunted by Elizabeth Heiter

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This book was sent to Traveling With T in exchange for a fair and honest review.



Evelyn Baine is criminal profiler with the FBI. Evelyn has wanted to work with the FBI for many years- and her star is rising and she’s making quite a reputation for herself. When called in to profile the Bakersville Burier, Evelyn knows she must work hard to create a profile before too many innocent people are killed. What Evelyn does not count on is how the Bakersville Burier will change her life- and how deeply it will affect her.

When Evelyn is abducted one night leaving a police bar, she doesn’t know if this is the Bakersville Burier or some other lunatic. What she does know is that if she does not get away- she will never live to find out what happened to her best friend, Cassie, when they were kids. Evelyn manages to get away- but then the chase is on- does Evelyn have 2 men after her or just 1?

Picking through clues, Evelyn finds a clue that takes her to Boston about a missing FBI agent. Slowly, the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place- and Evelyn knows the who, why, and how- but she does not know when he’ll strike again. The only card Evelyn has, the only card- is that she got away. And she knows that is killing this serial killer. Will the Bakersville Burier get caught? Or will he have the last laugh?

With mystery, thrills and intrigue- Hunted is a read that mystery/thriller fans will enjoy.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Elizabeth Heiter debut novel, Hunted, is a story of a FBI profiler who has suffered from a loss in her past. Evelyn Baine is good at her job- in fact exceptional. While Evelyn is fairly well fleshed out (we know she suffered a loss when she was a kid, she did not come from the steadiest of family situations and her adult relationships are lacking), we don’t know everything about Evelyn. Being that this book is part of a series- I expect that in the next book, more will be revealed about Evelyn. I wanted a bit more of a connection with Evelyn in this book, though.

It took me a bit over a week to read this book- and it wasn’t because of length. On the surface, it had everything I wanted in a book- mystery, suspense, perhaps a bit of romance, a strong female lead. It just did not completely comes together for me- I liked, but I didn’t LOVE.

I still think it’s worth a read- a debut novel should not be the only book you read by an author as they grow and change. There is quite a bit of good in Hunted– and I’m eager to see if Elizabeth Heiter’s next book, Vanished, will give me more of a connection to Evelyn or not.

Fans of mystery, FBI procedural books, and thrillers will definitely find something in Hunted to enjoy!


*Thanks to Harlequin Books for sending Hunted to Traveling With T for review. The above thoughts and opinion are mine alone.


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4 thoughts on “Hunted by Elizabeth Heiter

  1. I’m going to give this one a try and suggest it to my mom ( she loves this type of book.) I would have been turned off by the Harlequin imprint because I do not like romance but I like the FBI angle. Now to just add that 25th (& 26th hour) to the day.

    • Seriously, there is like NO ROMANCE in this book. I mean she likes a man and he likes her- but it’s VERY FBI procedural/Thriller, etc. And when you find a way to add the 25th & 26th hour- let a girl know πŸ™‚ IN NEED of more hours in the day!

    • Thrillers can be so hit and miss for me. I do like them- but sometimes…. Psychological thrillers is the genre I’m almost burned out on right now 😦 😦
      I think HUNTED a lot of good about it- but I was just expecting more. I’m def giving the 2nd book a try when it comes out in 2015!

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