Tuesday Mashup


Tuesday Mashup: Crafty, Bloggy, Giveaways and more!



Always With A Book is giving away The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers.


Luxury Reading is giving away The Comfort of Lies, as well.


Bookfan is also giving away a copy of The Comfort of Lies!

* The Comfort of Lies is a really good book- and with it’s recent paperback release, if you missed out on during it’s hardcover phase- I urge you to get a PB copy (or maybe you’ll win a copy!)




Lauren L, The Thinking Closet, is letting her creativity splish and splash and showing you the real McCoy (not just the prettied up after images). Go, don’t be afraid, and check out the post. Creativity = happiness, messes be darned!


The NY Melrose Family has printable Valentine cards. TONS. So darn cute.



Turn The Page Reviews has a humorous Top Ten Tuesday Weekly Meme (as hosted by The Broke and The Bookish)


The NY Melrose Family wants to educate the bloggy-verse of Google Plus (G+) and I, for one, am glad. Sometimes, I feel that G+ is a land of secret handshakes, special code words, and I am struggling through a labyrinth- and just hoping to come out unscathed. Thanks Jenny for the tutorials! Google Plus Basics: Why You NEED to get on G+, Google Plus Basics: Testing for Authorship, Google Plus Basics: Maximizing Your Posts, and Google Plus Basics: Maximizing Your Profile.


Love at First Book (as well as other bloggers) have teamed up to createΒ  a Literary Love Week. Join in the fun!



I hope you found a giveaway, or a bloggy/crafty page to check out! Thanks for stopping by for Tuesday Mashup!

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