Literary Friday ya’ll….

Friday- it’s a beautiful day and I  have a glass of lemonade- it almost does not get more #southernlit than this.

Deep South Magazine has their Literary Friday up and running- with news of Huckleberry Finn and ABC, James Franco, various festivals and book signings, and writing tips from Mark Twain.

Also, if you’re a fan of Erin Z. Bass- creator of Deep South Magazine (and if you’re not- you need to be; this girl is fantastic, funny, and fabulous!) Erin was a guest on Melinda McGuire’s Southern Creatives blog this week- so click HERE for that!

And  not to toot Deep South Mag’s horn too much- but they are tasting and discovering new Southern Food products and want to know other people’s favorites and must-haves! Click HERE for that article. Personally I feel that Blues Hog BBQ Sauce needs to be on the list- it’s got a sweet, but somewhat tangy flavor, and makes a pork tenderloin great! My next addition to the list, for when a person gets thirsty, would be Fat Mama’s Knock You Naked Margarita Mix from Natchez, MS (but can be found in many stores and even Amazon- if Natchez is too far away!)

Friday Reads- Currently reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks and A Teeny Bit of Trouble by Michael Lee West. Both books are good- if you read Gone With A Handsomer Man and loved Teeny- rest assured, she’s back and better than ever.

In addition to Friday Reads- let’s discuss authors- new and old! Any favorite authors coming out with new books that are eagerly anticipated?  See a book by an author that you’ve never read before but are drawn to? Chime in! And do tell- I’m all ears 🙂

If you do the Twitter thing- check out #SRblognetwork- a great group of bloggers that are reviewing books that She Reads Book Club has picked.

Listening to a discussion the other night, and a woman was talking about how she dislikes “chick-lit” and called a couple of books that are really more “Southern-lit” the term “chick lit”. Is there a difference between Southern-lit and chick-lit (I think there is, but do others think that?) Is any book that is written by a female considered “chick lit”? Is “chick lit” dead, evolving, or staying strong in terms of readership?

And finally to end Literary Friday on the cutest note possible- my dog, my wonderful Zeke, pictured earlier on my blog “reading” Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich- the other day, while I was reading the book, sat beside me and kept looking at the book. I imagined him saying “Hey! I wasn’t finished with the book!”

Happy Reading!


2 thoughts on “Literary Friday ya’ll….

  1. Thanks for all the plugs, Tamara! I’m currently finishing up Wiley Cash’s “A Land More Kind Than Home,” an excellent debut novel for anyone who hasn’t read it yet, and just got Janis Owens’ “American Ghost” and Tim Westover’s “Auraria” in the mail for review.

    • Erin- you are so welcome! Happy to help! I haven’t read Wiley Cash, but I saw a pic of his mom giving Julieanne Hough a copy of the book. I’ll have to check Wiley Cash out. American Ghost and Auraria sound like interesting titles- let me know thoughts on them.

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