Who would you leave your diaries to?

I’m beginning the book The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D by Nichole Bernier- I’m about 40 pages into the book and really enjoying it thus far.

Nichole Bernier takes an interesting concept and weaves a story from it. Elizabeth, a friend of Kate’s, has passed away and leaves a request in her will that her journals will be left to Kate-not to Elizabeth’s husband or her children. Kate (at least at the point in the book I’m at) is unsure as to why she left the journals to her.

Now, while the book may take a million different paths and stray further than my mind can anticipate- right now, for me, the fact that Elizabeth left her friend Kate the journals is a delicious turn, with many possible outcomes.

Think about this: Many of us have blogs, Twitter, and Facebook- where we can post our thoughts, comments as much as we want (maybe sometimes more than what we need to!) But out of all the followers and the facebook fans and the internet friends- how many know the “real” you? The you that you would write about in a place where there was no prying eyes, no judgement?

Take it a step further- how many times in real life friendships- do you let the person know all the good, bad, and ugly about yourself?

Elizabeth, in my opinion, has taken a piece of herself- the truest part of herself, one might argue and given it to Kate- with absolutely no way of ever changing Kate’s thoughts if she does not like the Elizabeth in the journal. Elizabeth has let Kate in on secrets that no one else knows. It’s interesting, awe-inspiring, and yes, maybe, even a bit selfish of Elizabeth to show Kate a different side of her, to potentially alter the Elizabeth in Kate’s mind.

Back to original topic: Is there anyone that you would leave the journals to after death? Would you care if anyone saw the “real” you? Would you rather leave instructions for the journals to be burned?

As I was beginning this book, I thought for a minute- While I don’t always write in a journal- I do have some journals and diaries from other times in my life and I’m having a hard time thinking of someone who would know or be able to honor my wishes about the journals if I left them to someone.

Thanks Nichole Bernier- you have given me an interesting topic to think about!

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