Killer Image (An Allison Campbell Mystery) by Wendy Tyson


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Image is everything. Especially in the ritzy section of Philadelphia. Was a divorce lawyer killed because someone wanted to protect their image?

Allison Campbell is the image consultant in Philadelphia. Allison  knows about rising above a difficult past and how important image is in society. When a political mover and shaker tries to obtain her services for his 15 year old daughter, Allison is reluctant. She does not work with teenagers usually as Allison generally works with adults wanting to reinvent themselves after a divorce. Allison decides to at least consider taking on the 15 year old as a client. When she meets Maggie, Allison decides to help her- even though Maggie made it abundantly clear she does not want, nor need Allison’s help.

Slowly, Maggie and Allison become friendly- and the friendship may cost Allison everything she has worked hard for. When Allison refuses to play by Congressman McBride’s rules- he threatens to reveal Allison’s past scandal involving a teenage girl who needed help. Allison worries- but knows that she can’t let the Congressman McBride get the best of her. When a lawyer is found killed with ritualistic symbols- the police begin to question many people. They question Allison’s former mother in law (as well as mentor). But, they zero in on Maggie because of her connection the deceased and her Goth appearance. Allison knows this girl did not kill the lawyer- but who did?

With her detective hat on, Allison searches for clues to clear Maggie and to make sure that her former mother-in-law is not considered as a suspect. Between running her business, following the clues, and dealing with the Congressman- Allison’s hands are full. She, though, does find time for some romance and for learning about a secret or two!

Can Allison find out who killed the lawyer? Will the Congressman succeed in putting Allison out of business? Is the killer right in front of Allison’s face? Read Killer Image to find out!


Traveling With T’s Thoughts

Wendy Tyson’s debut, Killer Image, is part mystery, part psychological thriller with a dash of romance. Entertaining and enjoyable. The characters are fleshed out, the storyline twists and turns (but ties together nicely). Allison is not a push-over- she’s a strong character with a big heart. Recommended.


*This book was provided by Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.

Tuesday Mashup

Tuesday Mashup has a couple of giveaways and an article about mistakes authors make when approaching book bloggers!


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Molly Greene posted an article that Anne Chaconas wrote about 5 Mistakes Authors Make When Approaching Book Bloggers.    After reading the article, I just have to say that Anne was spot-on.

Being still a relative newbie- I’ve only been blogging for almost 2 years- I’ve been lucky. I’ve managed to get into some great groups of bloggers, and on to a couple of publishers list. Since, though, I started accepting review inquiries from outside those avenues- I’ve had review requests that were fantastic and some that I could tell were mass-emailed. Most people do personalize their request- and I appreciate that. I’ve not really run into many authors who are making the mistakes that Anne is talking about- but, I encourage people to read this article.

Bloggers- what do you think? Are there mistakes that authors make that harm the blogger/author relationship?