Interview with Patti Callahan Henry, author of THE IDEA OF LOVE

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Happy Pub Day to Patti Callahan Henry- author of THE IDEA OF LOVE! Let’s see what Patti has to say about her new book baby! And just in case you need MORE Patti in your life- join in the Deep South Mag Twitter chat Friday June 26th at 2pmEST- use #southernlit to join in!

Back to your previously scheduled interview…..

Interview With Patti Callahan Henry

Hi Patti- so glad to have you back at Traveling With T to talk about your latest book, THE IDEA OF LOVE!

T, Thanks so much for having me back. You know I love talking about books and stories. It’s a privilege to be here.

Let’s talk about a quote in the book: “As we say in the South, don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.” Why do you think Southerners tell such good stories? In society, it’s rarely; if ever, acknowledged that a Northern person might could tell a good story- it’s almost always attributed as a Southern thing. Continue reading

The Idea of Love by Patti Callahan Henry

the idea of love by patti callahan henry

Photo Credit: St. Martin’s Press 6/23/15


This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

The Idea of Love

Can little white lies hurt? Ella and Hunter are about to find out if white lies can be overlooked in the grand scheme of things or if they are the tiny cracks that lead to fault lines in any sort of relationship.

Meet Hunter. Hunter is a nice looking man writing a book about small coastal towns. He chats with ladies, gets them to tell stories and then he moves on to another coastal town and repeats his ways.

Ella is a beautiful woman and when she meets Hunter, she starts talking to him and slowly reveals her story- a widow, husband dying in a tragic accident. Hunter is captivated- and not just because Ella is beautiful. Continue reading