The Idea of Love by Patti Callahan Henry

the idea of love by patti callahan henry

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This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

The Idea of Love

Can little white lies hurt? Ella and Hunter are about to find out if white lies can be overlooked in the grand scheme of things or if they are the tiny cracks that lead to fault lines in any sort of relationship.

Meet Hunter. Hunter is a nice looking man writing a book about small coastal towns. He chats with ladies, gets them to tell stories and then he moves on to another coastal town and repeats his ways.

Ella is a beautiful woman and when she meets Hunter, she starts talking to him and slowly reveals her story- a widow, husband dying in a tragic accident. Hunter is captivated- and not just because Ella is beautiful.

What neither Hunter and Ella know about each other is this: They are both embellishing their life stories. Borrowing bits from others and glossing over some of their flaws.

Hunter is captivated by Ella’s story because he is a screenwriter and he needs a love story that will make the kind of movie that women will go to see in droves.

Ella is also keeping secrets- while her story to Hunter- a man who she never thought she’d see again- has some truth at it’s center- it’s not Ella’s story.

But a little white lie won’t hurt, will it?

Hunter and Ella, even though they have only known each other for a short time, feel an attraction. Both complete each other’s life in a way that others have not. Each feels a longing for the other- even as they recognize the fact that they have only known each other for a short while.

When/if the lie is exposed- will Hunter and Ella find they have something to fight for.. or will this little white lie destroy their future before it’s even began?


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Pure fluff. This book is pure fluff and I absolutely gobbled it up. Like the yummiest gelato you have ever tasted. Like the best slice of birthday cake with buttercream icing. It was a quick read- a nice book to get me out of a “blah” mood.

The premise- 2 people who tell each other little lies and never really think anything about it- only to find out that they really like each other- is interesting. And you, the reader, has to kind of laugh at the situation that Ella and Hunter have found themselves in- too late to tell the truth and too late to deny the attraction they feel.

But, it’s more than that. With Ella- it’s a wake-up call. She’s been passive, letting things happen to her instead of reaching out and grabbing the life she wants. Meeting Hunter is a wake-up call. And Hunter can say the same about Ella- while he’s been living the life he wants (for the most part); meeting Ella makes him realize that he’s ready for some changes.

So, it’s mostly pure fluff with a center that has a heart-shaped lesson of learning to embrace the life you want.

Ladies, pack this in your beach bags! It’s a perfect story for summer reading. Grab a glass of wine, kick back and relax- while Patti Callahan Henry gives you a good tale to start your summer off right!


*Traveling With T received an e-copy of this book via Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.


**The Idea of Love was a Futuristic Friday June selection by Traveling With T**


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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