Literary Friday ya’ll….

Friday. The week has flown by. Supposed to go to Double Decker Art Festival tomorrow with my cousin- but appears to be rain in the forecast. So we’ll see!

1. Deep South Mag– the #literaryfriday edition celebrates Harper Lee’s birthday, Reese Witherspoon, and several festivals and writing events. Plus there’s a mention or 2 about The Great Gatsby!

2. Today, on my blog, I reviewed Mitiz Kelly’s Deadly Policy. Perfect for fans of #cozy books, or for readers looking to read about characters over the age of 40- it’s a quick read. Interesting. Nice plot. Mitiz Kelly is also being generous- and is giving away the 2 books in the Silver Sleuths series to each blog in the Cozy Mystery Reviews DEADLY POLICY blog tour. Go to my review of Deadly Policy, follow the directions (super-easy!) and you’ll be entered to win! Contest ends April 30th! Winner announced May 1st.

3. Monday, April 29th, Patti Callhan Henry will be Twitter chatting about her latest book, AND THEN I FOUND YOU. The Twitter chat will be hosted by yours truly- so def stop by! Did I mention there will be a #giveaway? We’ll chat from 2-3pmEST. Use #srchat to join in!

4. Can’t make it to Twitter chat? 😦 😦 Don’t worry! The AND THEN I FOUND YOU discussion will begin on April 29th and go through May 6th at She Reads. Again- yours truly will be hosting that as well!

5. What is your #fridayreads? Mine is The Glass Wives by Amy Sue Nathan!

6. With all this talk of AND THEN I FOUND YOU- have you gotten a thought of “this would be perfect for my book club?” Or maybe “I want to make something for my book club that goes with this book?” “Or I need music for my book club while we’re drinking a glass of wine- but what music?” She Reads has all these answers. Read the next articles for more info.

1. Books and music: The Playlist for AND THEN I FOUND YOU

2. Featured Recipe for AND THEN I FOUND YOU

7.  Yesterday I packed my fictional beach bag with the books I plan to read over the summer- tell me what you want to put in your beach bag! Here’s my Beach Bag Reads list!

8. She Reads recommended books this week as well: A Tisket A Tasket A Book-Laden Basket

9. Remember my book-ish bucket list? Beginning in June, I can cross 1 thing off the list! Intrigued? Traveling With T will be having an ONLINE BOOK CLUB! The book is RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA by Kimberly McCreight. It’s been getting some great reviews- and it looks like it’s going to be a fun book to read. More details to come as it gets closer to time- but if you’ve been wanting the book and needing people to discuss the book with- this is a chance!

10. ICYMI:

Meeting Rita Leganski: The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow

Interview with Kimberly Freeman author of Lighthouse Bay

Meeting Jill McCorkle- author of Life After Life

Happy Reading!


And Then I Found You by Patti Callahan Henry

Can the lost ever be found?

This is an idea that Patti Callahan Henry explores in her newest book, And Then I Found You, a beautiful and yet heartbreaking tale of love, making difficult choices, and what being a mother entails. This story, while technically fiction, is based upon Patti Callahan Henry’s family story of adoption.

Meet Kate Kate Vaughan. To the outside world, she has everything. A thriving business, good looks, a wonderful family, and a boyfriend that adores her. Life should be good- and it is, as long a Kate does not think about things too much. Kate knows that there is something that keeps her from wanting to commit to the adoring boyfriend.

Kate, years ago, made the toughest choice a woman can make- to give up her child for adoption. A choice that she made for the sake of her child- and not a day goes by that she does not think of that choice. Nor of the other choices she made in relation to the giving up of her child.

Kate feels as if some situations from her past were resolved, some doors that have been left slightly open were closed- that she could move on with her life, accept the pain, and fully commit to the adoring boyfriend she has.

What Kate finds is this: Sometimes doors aren’t meant to be closed- and sometimes the things we wish we want will not happen. Lastly, while we may not be able to vocalize our innermost wants and desires- sometimes life has a funny way of knowing and opening a connection.

Heartbreaking at times, heartwarming always- this is a book that is meant to be shared. To be enjoyed. To be discussed. Read. Share with friends. With book-clubs.  Highly recommended. While this is my first book of Patti Callahan Henry’s, with the way she tells a story- it certainly will not be my last.