Inherit the Dead- Twenty Thrilling Writers, 1 Chilling Mystery

inherit the dead

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Inherit the Dead is a collaborative effort amongst 20 great and fantastic mystery writers in their own right. They teamed up to write this book to help benefit the group Safe Horizon– a victim assistance agency that provides a multitude of options and support for victims of various crimes.

With each author writing a chapter, one might wonder if the book flows nicely- and I’m here to say, it does. The mystery is good, the plot interesting. Some chapters are a bit better than others- but that’s just my opinion. Overall, a good book to read for mystery/crime buffs.

Inherit The Dead

Meet Perry Christo- a PI that has a checkered past. Once a police officer, until he was forced to retire- Perry is a broken man. Perry’s job was part of his identity- and being accused of being a dirty cop is something that haunts him daily.  He laments about the loss of his marriage and daughter, the loss of his former job as a police officer- and often wonders how things could have been different.

Perry has been hired to find a girl. A daughter of a wealthy woman, Julia Drusilla, is looking for her daughter, Angelina. Angelina or Angel as she likes to be called- is almost 21, a fun and spirited woman- and has a difficult relationship with her mother. Her mom wants her found because on her 21st birthday, Angel will inherit a great deal of money- but only if she signs on her 21st birthday. Perry is a bit skeptical about Julia- but he decides to help her find Angel.

The search for Angel is not going to be easy, though. Her father hasn’t seen her and is not worried, her best friend doesn’t want to help Perry and Angel’s lover is 10 kinds of shady.  When Perry finds out information about the last night anyone saw Angel, his feelings of dread rise- as Perry thinks that someone might have been stalking Angel. The question is- who? And why? Because she was about to inherit a great sum of money? An inheritance that no one is supposed to know about? Or did Angel make an enemy that had nothing to do with her inheritance?

Perry is not sure who to trust. Or where to look. He only knows that finding Angel is his top priority- he feels that this girl needs him. Even though she’s had a life of privilege, she’s in trouble. Can Perry find Angel? Will Angel inherit the money? Or has Angel’s fate been determined before Perry was hired?

A twist and turn of a tale- mystery and suspense- some family drama, some police procedure- all creates a story that is sure to entertain.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts

Entertaining. Enjoyable. At first, I was unsure how 1 book written by 20 authors was going to work- would the story flow? Would it be enjoyable?  Yes and Yes. While some chapters, in my opinion, are better than others- overall, the book is a nice piece of work. The plot and the characters are thought-out, the ending is fast  and intense- and there are enough clues and red-herrings dropped through-out the book to entice a reader and keep them guessing.


*This book was sent to me by Touchstone Publishing in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.

The Stranger You Know (Forensic Instincts) by Andrea Kane

the stranger you know

Someone is murdering red headed women in New York City. Someone who has an axe to grind against a particular red-headed woman. Can the Forensic Instincts team find the murderer? Before he attacks the target of his obsession, their leader, Casey?

Casey has assembled a team of the best of the best. Some might call it a dream team of investigators. Casey calls it Forensic Instincts. With each person on the team having a specific set of skills, collectively- they solve cases others can’t. But there is one case, Casey has never been able to solve. A case that haunts her to this day. The case of her missing friend, Holly.

When Forensic Instincts is hired by a man searching for his missing daughter, Casey knows it’s a long shot to find the daughter. The case is 15 years old, and cold cases are tough to solve. However the man is dying and Casey wants to try to give him peace of mind. Casey also has an ulterior motive- the details from the missing girl Jan’s case are eerily similar to Holly’s case. Casey wonders if the two could be linked.

While the team is searching for clues about Jan’s disappearance, a man is setting other plans in motion. From his jail cell, he is keeping tabs on the case and making plans. And he has plans for Casey- plans that involve pain and torture.

At Columbia, a young petite red-head is raped and killed. Right after, Casey gets a call taunting her about the murder and the plans for her. Casey knows of 1 man who wants to torture and kill her- but he’s in jail serving a 30 year sentence- so it can’t be him. Can it? And if it’s not- does he have something to do with the phone call? As more red-heads are being killed, Casey gets calls from the killer- taunting her, letting her know he’s getting closer.

With each call, Casey knows he’s getting closer to his ultimate goal- and she’s ready. Casey refuses to change her life, refuses to be a victim. Instead she puts herself in the hot seat and goes to the prison to visit the man in jail. There, Casey finds a tie between the killings happening and the man in prison. She wonders how things are tied together- but does not have to wonder long- as the master plan becomes apparent quickly.

Will Casey and the Forensic Instincts team be able to solve the case? Will Casey ever get peace about Holly? And will the plan, the plan of evil, torture, and pain beyond all measure happen to Casey? And if so- who’s the person inflicting the pain- the man that Casey thinks or a stranger she knows?

Traveling With T’s Thoughts

This is a series (although this is the first I’ve read). Casey and her team set out to solve crimes that the police cannot solve- due to limited resources. The team is a merry band of folks- with each person having a skill that comes in handy. Twists and turns throughout the novel, but the ending is not quite as good as earlier in the book. Some red-herrings, some misdirection to throw the reader off the scent of who is the mastermind- but, some readers will be able to guess. Still enjoyable and worth a read.


*This book was requested through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

Lie Still by Julia Heaberlin

lie stillLie Still is my first Julia Heaberlin book- but it will not be my last.


Meet Emily Page. Young, successful, married to a man who is the love of her life, and expecting a baby. When his job brings them to Texas, Emily knows she will miss some things about Manhattan- but she won’t miss it all. Including her stalker.

When Emily and Mike arrive in Texas, Mike encourages her to make friends with some women- so Emily begins the process. Little does she know that Texas women play a game of friendship like no others- these women collect secrets like some collect handbags. At first, Emily is not worried- she’s not from the area- so how would these women learn her secrets, her secrets that she kept under wraps in her Manhattan life?

A juicy secret is hard to keep, though, and someone in the group knows the secret about Emily’s life in college- but do they intend to use it to hurt or help Emily? When Caroline, the head of the group, disappears- Emily is worried. Then as pieces of her past turn up, and her stalker increases contact- Emily worries more. Does she have 2 stalkers? Just 1? Is someone in the group playing a game of cat and mouse?

Emily knows she must figure it out- what happened to Caroline, who knows her secrets, and more- she must find out for her life and for her unborn child’s life.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Lie Still opens with a bang. We, the readers, know 1 of Emily’s secrets immediately. Julia Heaberlin does a great job, though, with dangling the other secrets and keeping the reader guessing. For fan of mystery and suspense- Lie Still will be a book that you should read. Texas, crazy women, former beauty pageant ladies, and a group who likes to collect secrets- all mixed in with a cocktail atmosphere. It’s definitely worth reading.



*This book was requested through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.