Lie Still by Julia Heaberlin

lie stillLie Still is my first Julia Heaberlin book- but it will not be my last.


Meet Emily Page. Young, successful, married to a man who is the love of her life, and expecting a baby. When his job brings them to Texas, Emily knows she will miss some things about Manhattan- but she won’t miss it all. Including her stalker.

When Emily and Mike arrive in Texas, Mike encourages her to make friends with some women- so Emily begins the process. Little does she know that Texas women play a game of friendship like no others- these women collect secrets like some collect handbags. At first, Emily is not worried- she’s not from the area- so how would these women learn her secrets, her secrets that she kept under wraps in her Manhattan life?

A juicy secret is hard to keep, though, and someone in the group knows the secret about Emily’s life in college- but do they intend to use it to hurt or help Emily? When Caroline, the head of the group, disappears- Emily is worried. Then as pieces of her past turn up, and her stalker increases contact- Emily worries more. Does she have 2 stalkers? Just 1? Is someone in the group playing a game of cat and mouse?

Emily knows she must figure it out- what happened to Caroline, who knows her secrets, and more- she must find out for her life and for her unborn child’s life.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Lie Still opens with a bang. We, the readers, know 1 of Emily’s secrets immediately. Julia Heaberlin does a great job, though, with dangling the other secrets and keeping the reader guessing. For fan of mystery and suspense- Lie Still will be a book that you should read. Texas, crazy women, former beauty pageant ladies, and a group who likes to collect secrets- all mixed in with a cocktail atmosphere. It’s definitely worth reading.



*This book was requested through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.


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