Author Spotlight: Elizabeth Maxwell reveals her #literaryconfessions

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So yesterday, I had Elizabeth Maxwell at the bloggy-blog chit-chatting about Sadie, the cover of HAPPILY EVER AFTER, and much more. Today, though, we’re going to be all relaxed (think fluffy bunny slippers relaxed) chatting about Elizabeth’s #literaryconfessions, fav books, and other things! Continue reading

Author Interview: Elizabeth Maxwell, author of HAPPILY EVER AFTER (& a giveaway!)

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Today, today, today…. Traveling With T has author Elizabeth Maxwell, author of HAPPILY EVER AFTER, hanging out at the blog! I recently read (and pretty much devoured) my review copy of HAPPILY EVER AFTER (note: Do not read in the dentist office if you are prone to laughing out loud #truestory) and I enjoyed it so much, so I was excited to get to chat with Elizabeth. And then…. when I found out there could be a giveaway (well you know how I feel about that! ♥♥♥♥ ) Even better… TWO COPIES to be given away! Two! Count them, two! Twins! Doubles! 2 times the happiness! Continue reading

What Is So Wrong With “Happily Ever After”?

what is so wrong with happily ever after

Happily Ever After- it’s what we are looking for. We might scorn the idea, make fun of it, even not want to admit it- but, deep down, somewhere in you, if you are brutally honest with yourself- happily ever after is what you want. It might not look like what anyone elses will look like- and it’s probably not a romance’s idea of “happily ever after”- but, your idea- you and the man- living a life together, living a life that you want.

So, if we all desire the “happily ever after” why, oh why do we scorn the idea so much? Make fun of it?

I think a lot has to do with how easy it is to make fun of romance books/chick flicks. And don’t get me wrong- it is easy to make fun of those books/movies- the girl and the boy cutely meet- instant sparks/attraction. But something keeps them from being together- maybe it’s a boyfriend, or a bad past relationship. Maybe they want to make it in the big city before a relationship. But, like magnets, they keep being drawn together- until the romance happens and the happily ever after is in sight.

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