Steamed to Death by Peg Cochran (Plus RECIPE!)

Steamed to DeathSteamed to Death


Series: Gourmet De-Lite Mystery

Publisher: Berkley

Source: Cozy Mystery Review


Gigi Fitzgerald has signed soap-star, Felicity Davenport, as one of her clients for Gigi’s Gourmet De-Lite. Gigi is pretty excited as she hopes that this will help put her business on the road to success. Gigi is also excited because her and her best friend, Sienna, will be working together some to help Felicity re-brand her image (Gigi with weight loss and healthier living, and Sienna with public relations). All seems to be going well until Gigi sees an article in the paper questioning if Felicity has a new boy-toy and the boy-toy in question is Sienna’s husband.

Later, when Felicity’s body is found- the police question Sienna about her work relationship with Felicity. Gigi, being no fool, knows that Sienna could not have killed Felicity- and also knows that the police are considering her a suspect. So Gigi, Sienna and Alice team up to find who could have killed Felicity. The list is long- and each person has a motive. Could it be Felicity’s husband? Or her manager? Or the actress, Vanessa, that wanted more air-time on the soap opera where her and Felicity were actresses?

Gigi’s hands are pretty busy with trying to figure out who had the most to gain by Felicity’s death- but to add more to her plate- she has 2 men in her life. One is an incurable flirt, Declan, owner of a restaurant in town. The other is Detective Mertz, who Gigi would like to get to know better; but work seems to get in the way.

Does Gigi solve the mystery? We, as readers, need to hope so- or it’ll be the end of delicious recipes from Gourmet De-Lite!


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

This is my first Gourmet De-Lite mystery. Enjoyable. Characters that are interesting. Romance. Good plot. Funny at times. I would definitely consider reading more of Gigi!



Ice Cream Novelties

This is a fun, extremely versatile dessert that you can whip up on the fly for unexpected guests.  It takes plain ice cream to a new level.  It can be adapted in a myriad of ways—if you are serving children instead of adults, use Oreo cookies mixed with sprinkles or chocolate chips or whatever comes to mind.  If you don’t care for Amaretto, you can substitute another liqueur or leave it out.  Same with the nuts—try chopped pecans, pistachios or peanuts.

Vanilla ice cream

Approximately 3 handfuls of vanilla wafers

1/3 cup sliced almonds

2 – 3 TBL Amaretto

Put vanilla wafers in a plastic zip-lock baggie.  Crush with a rolling pin or meat mallet.  Spread out on a cookie sheet and mix in sliced almonds.  Sprinkle with Amaretto if using.

Roll individual scoops of ice cream in mixture.  Place coated ice cream scoops on a cookie sheet. Put in freezer for at least an hour to harden.


Peg-Cochran-author-photo-245x300Peg Cochran writes Gourmet De-Lite Mysteries featuring Gigi Fitzgerald. She also writes as Meg London. To find out more about Peg, please visit her website.



A Cookbook Conspiracy by Kate Carlisle (Author Q&A and Giveaway)

Today on Traveling With T, I have an Author Q&A with Kate Carlisle and a giveaway of her latest book, A COOKBOOK CONSPIRACY (June 4th). Take some time, read the Q&A and then enter the giveaway!

kate-carlisle-bookshelf-webKate Carlisle, author of the Bibliophile Mystery series, says that a life-long love of books lead her to the writing of the Bibliophile Mystery series. To find out more about Kate, visit her website or her About Me page. To connect with Kate, check out her Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest pages. To see the list of Bibliophile mystery books, visit her Books page.

To buy A Cookbook Conspiracy, visit Amazon, Indiebound or Barnes and Noble.

To read an excerpt of  A Cookbook Conspiracy, read HERE.


Author Q&A with Kate Carlisle:


1.     What drew you to writing cozy mysteries? What inspired you to write the Bibliophile mysteries?

I’ve always loved to read mystery series, where you really get to know the characters. After the first book, they feel like friends, so it’s a reunion and a celebration when the next book in the series comes out. I love that the culprit is always caught, I love the humor in the genre and the fact that the violence is not the sort of gore you get in thriller novels.

 My tagline is “Smart. Funny. Murder.” and I think that really captures the feeling I so love when reading – and writing – cozy mysteries.

 As for what inspired me to write the Bibliophile Mysteries, book binding has been a hobby of mine for many years.  I try to take at least a couple of classes in book arts every year. The process of restoring well-loved books has always fascinated me. I wanted to write a book series that centered around books in a different way than any other author had done. And so Brooklyn Wainwright, world-class bookbinder, came to be.

 In each Bibliophile Mystery, Brooklyn is asked to restore a different rare book. She can bring any book back to life. Sadly, she doesn’t have the same power to revive the murder victims she finds. Somehow, their death is linked to the book she’s restoring, and Brooklyn is doggedly determined to bring the killer to justice.

 2.     Do you have a favorite character in your series? A character that is fun to write?

I adore so many of the characters, it’s hard to choose just one! I love writing Derek Stone, Brooklyn’s love interest. Derek is a British security expert – like James Bond, but without the license to kill and without the fear of commitment. He’s smooth, sexy, and he has an edge of danger that I personally find irresistible. So does Brooklyn!

 I also love writing Brooklyn’s parents. Jim and Becky Wainwright followed the Grateful Dead on tour for years and named their six kids after the place each was conceived. When they got off the road, they raised their kids on a wine country commune. Through hard work and smarts, they helped the commune thrive, so that now all its members have beautiful homes and plenty of cash.

 In A COOKBOOK CONSPIRACY, the character I really enjoyed getting to know better was Brooklyn’s sister Savannah. Savannah is a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef who specializes in vegetarian cuisine with gourmet flair. When Savannah is discovered over her ex-boyfriend’s dead body with a bloody knife in her hand, Brooklyn knows instantly that she must prove her sister’s innocence. But it won’t be easy – there are so many people with a grudge against the obnoxious celebrity chef, that Brooklyn will have a tough time figuring out which one took that final, irreversible step. All she knows is that it wasn’t her sister.

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