The Bucket List (so far) as inspired by Karma Brown’s COME AWAY WITH ME

the bucket list


The other day- I saw this great post by Book Clubbish- which is a Harlequin website. They are sponsoring a COME AWAY WITH ME Bucket List Contest in honor of Karma Brown’s book (now in stores!) Since Harlequin is sponsoring this giveaway of 1 item from your bucket list to win (up to a 5,000 dollar value)- I’m entering and keeping my fingers crossed!

I love lists. I love paper. I love sparkly pens. I went to work. I thought for awhile about things I would love to do- and maybe I don’t do because I’m afraid or don’t have someone to do things with me (single, party of one).

But because a bucket list can be about confronting things- I dove headfirst into this and listed 10 for the time being (however this is a work in progress)


10 Bucket List Experiences:

  1. Travel to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, wear the beret, and be utterly excited that I am finally breathing Parisian air.

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