Book Talk With R & T: Talking Spoilers for THOSE GIRLS by Chevy Stevens

Book Talk With R and T Spoilers for Those Girls

As the week of Book Talk With R & T draws to a close- we’re ending it with a bang- talking spoilers! Don’t forget to check out Ivory Owl Reviews to see what she says!

If you have not read THOSE GIRLS- stop here. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. Continue reading

Book Talk With R & T: Interview with Chevy Stevens, author of THOSE GIRLS

Book Talk with R and T Those Girls Twitter

Hey lovely readers! Today as part of the Book Talk with R & T feature, Chevy Stevens took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for Rhiannon and I.

Read on for who Chevy would love to write a blurb for and for a tease about her 6th novel (which should be released summer 2016!) Continue reading

Book Talk With R & T: The One Where I Interview Ivory Owl Reviews

book talk r t

Earlier today the official kick-off and giveaway of THOSE GIRLS by Chevy Stevens being selected as the next Book Talk With R & T choice posted- and now an interview with my bookish partner in crime, Rhiannon at Ivory Owl Reviews.

Read on for the how and why THOSE GIRLS was selected straight from Rhiannon’s mouth! Continue reading

Book Talk with R and T: Get Ready for THOSE GIRLS by Chevy Stevens

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So, it’s the week Rhiannon and I teased our respective readers about last week- it’s time for Book Talk with R & T! As you know, THOSE GIRLS by Chevy Stevens is the pick and thanks to the great crew at St. Martin’s- we have a giveaway!!! ( Pause as Rhiannon and I take a bow)  Continue reading

{Announcement} The New Book Talk With R &T selection is………

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Howdy folks! We’re getting so close to the week of bookish goodness known as Book Talk with R & T! Rhiannon and I have decided to tease you all just a bit- let you know the book that we will be picking for our week long feature!

Before we get into the particulars, I’ll give you a couple of hints: She Reads selected one of her books as the July Book Club selection, her books are favorably compared to Gillian Flynn, and she writes about settings way up north! Do you have a guess? Here’s one more- her first name is short for an automobile……

Do you know now? Continue reading