A Month Of Faves: 10 Fave Book Covers

a month of favorites event GirlXoxo

Whoo! We’ve made it to DAY 3 in the Month of Faves! I so hope you’ve been enjoying this wonderful event created by Girlxoxo and hosted by Estella’s Revenge and myself.

Today’s Prompt: 10 Fave Book Covers (Tanya, 10!! Just 10?! It’s like asking a mom to pick her fav child. Or what kind of chocolate you want- it’s really impossible.) ** I may have come close to crying into my wine glass as I considered this IMPOSSIBLE task.**

The details for the day- link up your 10 Fave Book Covers here at my blog (and be gentle with me- this is the first ever link-up I have EVER hosted!) and then feel free to comment (or commiserate) on being limited to 10 fave covers 🙂 🙂 Continue reading

I heart book covers

I heart books. I just do. I love looking at them, seeing them all lined up and organized on my shelf (even though it does not last long because it never fails- just after they are all organized and pretty- the book I desperately want to read is at the back of the bookshelf. Happens every time!), I love seeing the covers- all shiny or 3-d like (I like pretty books!).

But, I also love my Kindle. The ease of storage, the ease of buying- the sheer amount of books that can be owned on a Kindle.

I don’t mind reading on my Kindle, I actually get no more enjoyment from the actual reading of the book- whether it’s on a Kindle or a book.

What I desperately miss, though, is the looking at the covers of the book. Sure, sure, I can look at the cover on the Kindle- but it’s all grey-scale and therefore not pretty.

It’s a trade off- buy them on the Kindle and save room, yet sacrifice the joy looking at the covers or buy them as books, get the joy of seeing them on my bookshelf; but knowing that I’m slowly running out of room to store my pretty books? Am I the only one that thinks things like this?