A Month Of Faves: 10 Fave Book Covers

a month of favorites event GirlXoxo

Whoo! We’ve made it to DAY 3 in the Month of Faves! I so hope you’ve been enjoying this wonderful event created by Girlxoxo and hosted by Estella’s Revenge and myself.

Today’s Prompt: 10 Fave Book Covers (Tanya, 10!! Just 10?! It’s like asking a mom to pick her fav child. Or what kind of chocolate you want- it’s really impossible.) ** I may have come close to crying into my wine glass as I considered this IMPOSSIBLE task.**

The details for the day- link up your 10 Fave Book Covers here at my blog (and be gentle with me- this is the first ever link-up I have EVER hosted!) and then feel free to comment (or commiserate) on being limited to 10 fave covers 🙂 🙂

10 Fave Covers


The First 5:

1. Both covers of THE WIFE, THE MAID, AND THE MISTRESS by Ariel Lawhon. I tried to pick- I really did. But both just called out to me- both fit the story!

2. VINTAGE by Susan Gloss. That dress. Those colors. The lettering. Pure perfection.

3. DEAR DAUGHTER by Elizabeth Little. I admit, I haven’t read this book yet. But the summary and the cover are teasing me with dark and twisty things- and I’m digging the vibe I’m getting!

4. THE GOOD GIRL by Mary Kubica. Why is her finger over her lips? Is she shushing us? Trying to send a message? The girl on the cover made me wonder so much!

5. BIG LITTLE LIES by Liane Moriarty. I know, I know. I KNOW some of us bloggers are so over the whole “exploding” things on the cover. I’m NOT. I love it.



The Next 5:

6. THE PARIS WINTER by Imogen Robertson. Why can’t I see her face? Who did her hair? Where did get that lovely purple dress? Is going to the Eiffel Tower? These are the questions that race in my head as I gaze adoringly at this cover.

7. THE SECRET LIFE OF VIOLET GRANT by Beatriz Williams. I don’t know who does Beatriz’s covers- but those folks at Putnam deserve a ton of champagne for creating another winner. It whispers enough questions to me and also gives me hat envy.

8. FALLEN BEAUTY by Erika Robuck. I have no words. Except to say “SQUEE!!!”

9. THE SUMMER WIND by Mary Alice Monroe. Beach scene, red striped towel, and waves frolicking in the background. Hand me the SPF, folks. I’m in a beach state of mind.

10. THE GLASS KITCHEN by Linda Francis Lee. I now desperately want some mason jars painted the same colors. I love the simple background and the mix of purples.


Now that you know my 10 fave book covers- please link your post up here!



Some are having no problem using the Inlinkz linkup- but I’m hearing from others that they are. So, I’m trying this Mister Linky tool. If you’ve already linked up- no need to link again!

Update: I have figured out the problem with the Inlinkz link up after it was being all wonky and wouldn’t accept my link (the NERVE of it!)

If you use the Inlinkz linkup- the linkup page is a bit wonky-and I misread it the first 2 times I tried to insert my link. You must insert the info like this: First white bar is the link to your post, the second is your name (Like T @ Traveling With T) and the 3rd is your email. For anyone that has submitted links that aren’t working- I’m going through and manually fixing them.

Thanks for being superstars during this link up challenge!

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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36 thoughts on “A Month Of Faves: 10 Fave Book Covers

  1. I’ve been whining because I don’t read enough in English to have 10 fave book covers but I understand your problem 🙂

    In France, covers are very simple and sober to say: ‘it’s serious literature; we’re not here to make jokes’ (we are a bunch of snobs 😉 ). If a cover is pretty (omg :o) or simply have bright colors, it means: ‘it’s mainstream’. There are differences between hardbacks and paperbacks (the second have always some kind of photo/image) but it’s nothing in comparison with the beautiful and sometimes funny English books’ covers. I had already noticed Big Little Lies cover w/o even knowing something about the story. The Secret Life of Violet Grant is the kind of cover I love: it’s chic and makes me thing of the early years of the twentieth century (I’ve never heard of the book so I’m probably saying nonsense 😉 I also love The Glass Kitchen (the cover – I don’t know the book either).

      • That strange thing had the NERVE to not accept my link. BUT I fixed your link AND Figured out the problem and updated my post to reflect the problem. Score 1 for Tech, 0 for T!

    • 🙂 🙂 I have TOO many fav covers!

      See, I am loving hearing about covers in other countries- b/c I have never experienced that. Living in America- I really only see the US covers UNLESS I go and look for others (or the author promotes their latest overseas version of the book)

      Secret Life- part of the story is set in the 60’s if I remember correctly, while part of it is set in the 20’s/30’s. And I love stories like that!

      I do say this- I find thrillers that are originally sold first in the UK-ish area- I prefer their covers much better- because they tend to be a bit more scary/dramatic looking. Once they come to USA- it’s like they get cleaned up and they are just not as dramatic as the UK version!

      • I’ve just seen your update: thank you so much! You three hadn’t say that A Month of Favorites was hiding a daily challenge 😉

        When I wasn’t reading books in English, I had no idea of what they looked like and it was normal for me that books had sober covers: anyway, it was the content that mattered (and it is always the case in the end). When I’ve discovered US and UK books covers, I was like a little child in a toy store: I didn’t care for the stories but only the covers. Now I’ve understood the trick I try to stay sensible but it doesn’t always work.

        I’ve read a summary of Secret Life: it could be a book for me. I also like stories split between two eras.

        I nearly never read thrillers (I used to but I don’t know why I’ve stopped. Maybe I’ll come back to them in a few years) but I’m going to be careful about what you describe. It’s very interesting since I’ve got the feeling that all things American have to be smooth and not too sharp as if the reader (in this case) couldn’t handle difficult situations. I often have the UK versions of books because it’s closer from France and so cheaper than the US ones.

      • 🙂 🙂 You are so welcome! I was so worried that I would have linky troubles with this being the first linkup I hosted. Oh well, live and learn!

        The covers of most US books are beautiful= especially the women’s fiction type I like. If you enjoy looking at pretty covers- try Sarah Jio books (her books have that split era- usually a “current” era section and an earlier era. Her books are great- but her covers are stunning. I also love Beatriz Williams- (She wrote the SECRET LIFE).

  2. Great covers! These really grab my attention: Big Little Lies, The Summer Wind, The Glass Kitchen and The Good Girl. I’ll take a fresh look at my reads this year to see what I like. I reviewed The Summer Wind and loved it.

  3. When I received The Good Girl I was more than a little creeped out by the cover. It is quite effective.

    Somehow, for me, the content is intricately entwined with my affection for the cover. I can’t separate the two. So, my list ended up being one or two of my favorite books as well.

    Thanks for hosting us!

    • YES! I totally get that- It does have the creepy vibe!

      I try to not be influenced by the cover- but it’s so hard! Sometimes the cover ruins the book for me and sometimes the content doesn’t live up to the promise of the cover!

      You are so welcome! 🙂 Thank you for dropping by!

  4. I loved the red Wife, Maid, and Mistress cover! I still can’t get used to the other one! I didn’t participate in today’s topic b/c I read 100% electronically and never pay attention to the book covers!

    • I really do love the red WMM- but I like the fun side of the blue cover. I was torn and couldn’t play favorites! The covers on e-books, that is the one thing I hate about reading e-books.

  5. I love the vintage vibe in some of the covers you picked. Like The Secret life of Violet Grant and Fallen Beauty. I do get hat envy too! I also love the cover in Good Girl. So intriguing! What is she trying to tell us? Love it!

    • YES! I was totally digging the vintage vibe in those covers. And that hat. THAT HAT. #hatenvy! I kept looking at The Good Girl (and I may have even whispered to her one time and said “what secrets are you trying to hide?!”

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. joyweesemoll says:

    I’m a sucker for vintage, so the second The Wife, The Maid, and the Mistress is my fave. I also like the cover of Vintage! Oh, and The Paris Winter — extra special with your blog snowing on it! I want that purple dress, too!

    • I really do love that vintage look of Wife Maid Mistress! And Vintage- gosh, I have thought the cover was so darn beautiful since I first laid my eyes on it! And The Paris Winter- I’m about to start reading it. But the cover had won my heart! My snow- it’s a lovely little WP feature- and it makes me so happy (I’ll prob not see real snow since I live in the South!) Thanks for stopping by to comment!!

    • You MUST go read her right now. She has 3 books out- but I have not read her first. I fell in love with her when she wrote A Hundred Summers, then The Secret Life of Violet Grant charmed me as much! AHS needs to be read before Secret- and her 4th book will have a continuing theme with the previous 2.

  7. I love all your picks but I have to say Vintage is my favorite. There are several books out with vintage dresses in store front windows and I love them all. I read Vintage Affair, A by Isabel Wolff last year. Great book and great dress in the window cover. Thanks for hosting this. Much fun!!!

    • I must look up Vintage Affair! That sounds good. I also really enjoyed Astor Place Vintage- it was very good! You are so welcome- but all the thanks goes to Tanya @ Girlxoxo- she created this event- I’m just merely helping out hosting 🙂

  8. This are some great covers! The Big Little Lies and the The Husband’s Secret covers are some of my favorite recent covers, especially since I found out that they’re made by actually shattering objects, not by photoshopping. So cool!

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