Indelible by Karin Slaughter

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Traveling With T purchased this book for her own personal reading.


Summary: An officer is shot point-blank in the Grant County police station and police chief Jeffrey Tolliver is wounded, setting off a terrifying hostage situation with medical examiner Sara Linton at the center. Working outside the station, Lena Adams, newly reinstated to the force, and Frank Wallace, Jeffrey’s second in command, must try to piece together who the shooter is and how to rescue their friends before Jeffrey dies. For the sins of the past have caught up with Sara and Jeffrey — with a vengeance …


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Got to be honest- this has been my least fave of the Grant County books. This one may be book 4- but this goes all the way back to the Sara & Jeffrey start of their relationship.

Ok and honestly? You know, I’ve not minded them in their relationship as it’s been from books 1-3. I haven’t really rooted for them- because while they DO have history and a connection and I think genuine love and respect for each other- there is also something about them that does not completely work. So, I’m never really invested in their couple hood. 

And book 4 really drives that home from me.


What I Liked:

The cover was kinda creepy looking. 

That Lena may be ready to accept some help- we will see.


Bottom line: For me, this just did not wow or thrill me. It was ok and it answered some questions and provided some backstory- but def not my fave in the series.


*This book was purchased by Traveling With T for her own reading time. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.*


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Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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