Literary Friday ya’ll…..


Today was one of those glorious weather days that just makes you want to scream Fri-YAY!!! I’m not sure what I’m doing this weekend, but I’m thinking about going on a hunt for a yellow hibiscus!


1. This has NOT been a good week for blogging- but my giveaway for The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth is still going on at blog & Instagram.


2. Some recent-ish book mail- see any books you want to read?


3. Reviews from around the web: Jenn Tarheel Reader reviews The Southern Side of Paradise, Really Into This reviews Park Avenue Summer, Orange County Readers reviews The Mother-in-Law, Silver’s Reviews reviews Little Darlings, Ivory Owl Reviews reviews Little Darlings, Always With A Book reviews I Know Who You Are, and Jenn Tarheel Reader is giving away some of Kristy Woodson Harvey’s book over at Instagram.


4. This week was pub week for The Mother-in-Law and The Missing Years.


5. Hello you delicious cover 🙂


6. #FridayReads: I’m reading The Perfect Alibi.


7. Do I look cool with the paperback (Out April 30th!!!) copy of The High Tide Club by Mary Kay Andrews?


8. Is Last Summer by Kerry Lonsdale on your TBR list?


9. As I type this, I am at 999 followers on Instagram. If you aren’t following- let’s change that, ok?


*What are you reading this weekend?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

10 thoughts on “Literary Friday ya’ll…..

  1. kristywharvey says:

    Woo hoo! Thanks for sharing Jenn’s Giveaway!! Your TBR stack is looking fab! And a lot like mine 😊😊

  2. I’m so sorry I just saw this, T! Thank you for sharing my review and for sharing my giveaway! You are the best! I know I already told you but that Kerry Lonsdale picture is HOT! All your pictures are amazing! I hope you found your new hibiscus! I’m on peony watch over here! ♥️ 🌸

    • No biggie, Jen! I LOVE that Kerry pic- I’ve really been enjoying the portrait mode! I did find a new hibiscus. I wound up getting a pink one because the only yellow I could find was bigger than what I wanted, but next year- a yellow is coming to my house. 🙂

      I’ve been loving the pics you are sharing of the peony. I walked out today and did a search for a bud- but so far. nothing. I think I have 1 more year before I can expect blooms- but as always, I’m on peony watch here 🙂

      • Thank you, Tamara! ♥️ Most of my favorite hibiscus have actually been the pink! That pink double I have is truly my favorite. I just picked the last of my peonies. Well, there is one tiny bud left, but I don’t think it will do much. It was less than a week of the beauties, and they open and don’t last long, but gosh, they were pretty for the short time! I should have a pic up very soon with a bunch of them. ♥️ I think next year is going to be your year, and it’s going to be BIG!

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