Literary Friday ya’ll…


Well… this week has not been a good week. Sir Thomas, one of my beloved cats, has been missing since last Friday (last seen at Friday 10pm). I’ve been worried, but as the days go by, I get increasingly worried. This is not a cat that enjoys being away from his creature comforts (fluffy blankets, easily accessible food and water, and me) for very long. I still fervently hope that he is making his way home to me and that he will have quite the adventure to meow about. Accepting all the good vibes for his safe return.


In other news:

1. ICYMI at Traveling With T: Rooted in Deceit and The Winter Sister.


2. #FridayReads: The Perfect Mother


3. The Family Next Door by Sally Hepworth recently released in paperback- have you read it?


4. Reviews from around the web: Orange County Readers talks about fave series, Bookfan reviews The French Girl, Jenn Tarheel Reader reviews A Dangerous Collaboration & Steph’s Fiction reviews Slightly South of Simple and The Secret To Southern Charm.


5. Has anyone read The Perfect Alibi?

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Thanks @minotaur_books for the bookmail. #partner . . About The Perfect Alibi: 📚📚📚 The “master of heart-pounding suspense”―New York Times bestseller Phillip Margolin―returns with a new legal thriller starring Robin Lockwood. A young woman accuses a prominent local college athlete of rape. Convicted with the help of undisputable DNA evidence, the athlete swears his innocence and threatens both his lawyer and his accuser as he's sent to prison. Not long after, there's another rape and the DNA test shows that the same person committed both rapes―which is seemingly impossible since the man convicted of the first rape was in prison at the time of the second one. Now, the convicted athlete, joined by a new lawyer, is granted a new trial and bail. Shortly thereafter, his original lawyer disappears and his law partner is murdered. Robin Lockwood is a young lawyer with a prestigious small law firm and a former MMA fighter who helped pay for Yale Law School with her bouts. She is representing the victim of the first rape for her civil lawsuit against her rapist, who is now convinced the rapist is stalking her and trying to intimidate her. At the same time, another client is up on a murder charge―one that should be dismissed as self-defense―but the D.A. trying the case is determined to bring it to trial. Now she has to mastermind two impossible cases, trying to find the hidden truth that links the two of them. Phillip Margolin, the master of the legal thriller, returns in one of his twistiest, most compelling crime novels yet. . . Praise for The Perfect Alibi: 🌟📚🌟📚🌟 “Legal-thriller fans will find it satisfying to see Margolin back at the top of his game…his writing has regained its stylistic flourishes, and his pacing is impeccable.” ― Booklist . . This is an author I’ve never read before- have you read any books by him? . . #flatlaybooks #bibliophile #book #booksofig #bookstagramandcoffee

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6. I bought my bathing suits for the summer this week. Well, hopefully. I bought them online and hope they will work. Summer will be here before I know it!


7. I took my mom to the eye doctor to get her eyes checked and new glasses recently.. Naturally, I tried on a few pairs myself.. I think this is the pair I’m getting after I get a new prescription 🙂


8. Have you read The Identicals?


9.  #JennsRainbowChallenge: Orange.


10. #JennsRainbowChallenge: Red.


11. #JennsRainbowChallenge: Yellow.


12. #JennsRainbowChallenge: Green.



*What have you been reading this week?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

14 thoughts on “Literary Friday ya’ll…

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Sir Thomas and am sending you tons of good vibes! I hope he comes home soon! I love The Identicals…it’s a favorite Elin Hilderbrand book. Thanks for the shoutout for my reviews…I can’t wait until May when I review The Southern Side of Paradise. Have a great weekend, Tamara!

    • Thank you so much- he’s still missing. 😦 I walked all around yesterday when I wasn’t gardening a bit and just called for him and called for him. I hope he comes home soon.

      I got a signed copy of The Identicals at Book Expo and had been planning to read it- but when I saw it in HC and on sale- well, it was a no brainer.

      I LOVED your review and can’t wait to see your review of SSOP in May!!!!!!!!!

      • Oh no! I’m so sorry! I don’t know if this will make you feel better but we had a cat who took off years ago and was gone 3 weeks, but one night I heard meowing in the middle of the night and sure enough, she’d come home! I don’t know where she was or why she left. I’m still hoping he comes home too you and sending good vibes!

        Oh definitely! I need to go to Book Expo one year! 😍😍

        Thank you! I was so glad to post it! There’s so many good books coming out that day! I’ll be a reviewing bee that week, lol. I hope I do SSOP justice.

      • People have been telling me stories like that- one woman said her cat came back after 3 months!!- and to not give up hope. I just worry about him because I live out in the country (like 70 acres of land) and the woods are just filled with critters. He loves to explore- they all do, they still have some of that feral cat in them (they just showed up at my house as kittens- IDK if someone dropped them off or what) and I took them in because we don’t have a shelter near us (they have one in the next town up- but they kill the animals after so many days/weeks and I knew the odds of the 3 of them being adopted together was low).

        I just keep hoping he’ll return and will have outsmarted any critters he might run into in the woods.

        You def should!

        You will def do SSOP justice- I have faith in that!

      • I’m sorry, T..I thought I had answered you! That is pretty scary and I’d definitely be worried too. I hope he comes back or has already. Keep me updated! That’s awesome you took them in! I’d have done the same thing. I used to feed every neighborhood stray but we dont have any anymore.

        I definitely should. I need to plan that. You’re sweet! ❤

      • Today is 12 days he’s been missing. I just worry so much that he’s really “gone” or something must have attacked him because this cat LOVES me. He would crawl up in my lap for hours, sit beside me when I blogged, jump on my shoulder and want to be held… Cats love, but they can be kind of indifferent at times. He loved almost like he was a dog ( and sometimes I said he was my last dog reincarnated as a cat 😉

        I’m keeping the faith and keeping eyes peeled- but this many days, where I live and all the critters he could have encountered, well…

        I just can’t stand when people don’t take care of animals. Makes me so mad! Because I live in the country, a lot of ppl drop animals off in places and that just makes me really MAD. When these cats came to my house, after they stayed for a few days- I took them to vet, had them fixed, etc. Because if they were going to stay, they were going to be family!

        YES! If you have any ?’s about Book Expo, just ask. I’ve been a few times (going this year!)

        ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Oh, I hope Sir Thomas comes home soon! We’ve had missing cats a couple of times and they’ve always made it home, even after a week or two, so I’m crossing my fingers for you.

  3. I’ve been thinking about you and Sir Thomas this weekend! I hope you could feel it! Beautiful post with stunning pics, once again! Thank you for sharing my review! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead with Sir Thomas back at home. ♥️

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