Literary Friday ya’ll….


Since January felt like one big long string of Monday’s, I was ready for February to get here. I’ve still got a lingering cough and I think my cats are getting concerned because every time I cough- they look at me with panic in their eyes. Or maybe they’ve realized that I’m the one that keeps the never ending supply of wet food at night and crunchy food all day long, fresh water in the bowl and clean beds and towels to lay around on and don’t want the gravy train to come to an end- hence the worry about the cough. 


February still has some of that January feeling- my mom had back surgery this week and she’s in less pain than she was before surgery, but it’s hard on her to not be able to do all she wants to do. I’m taking her back to doctor next week for a checkup and hoping he gives her good news about her recovery phase.  If you are into sending good vibes- feel free to send good vibes this way 🙂


1. My #FridayReads:


2. ICYMI at Traveling With T this week: Happy Pub Day to Susan Gloss and The Curiosities, Happy Pub Day to Jessica Strawser and Forget You Know Me + Giveaway, and The Night Olivia Fell.


3. Is The Night Before by Wendy Walker on your TBR list?


4. Reviews from around the web: Stephanie’s Novel Fiction reviews The Winter Sister,  Jenn Tarheel Reader reviews I Owe You One, Really Into This reviews The Winter Sister & Always With A Book reviews I Invited Her In, Silver’s Reviews reviews The Last Romantics, PhDiva reviews The Silent Patient, & Audio Killed The Bookmark reviews The Matchmaker’s List.


5. SO excited to see one of my fave authors (Kristy Woodson Harvey) getting some book love about The Southern Side of Paradise from Parade- SSOP is on the 12 Big Fiction Reads Every Book Club Will Love in 2019  list. Parade says “Book clubs that devoured Jane Green’s The Sunshine Sisters will adore this new Southern family drama.”


6. If you aren’t reading Molly Harper, you are missing out!


* Don’t forget to enter to win Forget You Know Me and have a great weekend!*



Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

16 thoughts on “Literary Friday ya’ll….

  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Tamara! I loved The Winter Sister so much! I’m sending your mom some good vibes for her back-I’ve got 3 herniated discs in mine, so I know how awful back pain is! Loved Gimme Some Sugar! That series is just so good! The cover of The Night Before is perfect! That’s such a phenomenal book! Have a great weekend!

    • You are so welcome! She’s doing a bit better- still some pain, getting restless and just ready to be back to normal life.

      Molly Harper’s books are SO good!!!!!

      Loved The Night Before as well. SO good!

      • That’s so good to hear! Surgery is so hard or anytime you’ve been incapacitated. There are some days that I still feel like I’m recovering from the blood clots that I had in my lungs and those were back in August. It does take time to get back to normal; I’ll be thinking about her! ♥

        They are! I love them!

        Yes, it was amazing! I’m going to read All Is Not Forgotten soon…I hope it’s as good! xoxo

      • Thank you so much for your continued good vibes 🙂 We go to dr tmrw to get staples removed and I’m hoping he reassures her some and tells her that things look good- it’s just going to take time.

        I LOVED All is Not Forgotten- enjoy!

  2. That was cute about your cats and your cough! Mine look scared, too, and I think they think I’m yelling at them when I cough? I don’t yell at them much- or try not to- so it surprises them. Poor cats! 😂 I hope your mom is feeling better soon. Back surgery is a big deal. Thanks so much for sharing my review! Happy weekend, my friend! ♥️

    • My cough has been a deep cough, like really deep sounding and IDK if they think I’m yelling or what- I try to not yell too much- they were cats that just showed up at my house and were a bit on the feral side (now they are pretty adjusted to the good life of towels and blankets and fresh water and food, but sometimes I wonder if they still have a feral side to them!)

      She’s doing ok-ish. Some pain still. Just ready to feel good and get back to normal life.

  3. Hope you and your mom both start feeling much better soon! We’ve had so much sickness around here. My husband just had an emergency hospital visit for kidney stones. I’m already hoping for February to be over.

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