A Month of Faves: Challenges and Goals (How Did I Do in 2018)


Have you checked out Estella’s Revenge and Girlxoxo post on how they did challenge and goal wise for 2018?


MON. | Dec. 24 – #AMonthofFaves Challenges and Goals –  Reading challenges, personal goals, resolutions – how did you do? What are your goals for this month, this season or next year. Check in here.


I had to look back at my 2018 Goals post to see how I did!



Making time for my nieces- check! While I did not see them as much as I wanted to, I did see them a great amount and I made sure to be focused on them (making memories and having fun) when they were in town.

Love- I’m not sure if there is a way to say if I met this goal or not, but I’m going to say that this is a goal I’m still working on. Still single.

Getting healthy- I incorporated more fruits in my diet and I’m down a jean size 🙂

Doing what make my heart sing for a living- I’m getting closer 🙂


Bookish goals:

Reading 75 books. I’m at 73, so close; but not met!

Listening to more audio books- I did not listen to any audio books this year 😦

Supporting libraries- The 2 times I tried this year- they did not have/could not get the books I wanted. 😦

Reading books from my own shelves- success! I read around 15 books from my own shelf!


Blogging/Social media Goals:

Instagram: I had a 96% increase in followers in 2018. My goal for 2018 was to have 600 followers by end of 2018- I met that goal at end of May. I currently have 864 followers.

Getting back to Twitter- I was still hit and miss, but when I posted, I had fun!

Finding and nurturing my tribe. I found some new blog buddies that really revitalized my love for blogging and reminded me that connecting with new friends is fun. My #TeamBrenda gals are still crazy supportive and I love our chats.


Let’s take a peek at my Goodreads stats:

73 Books Read in 2018

Five 5star books

49 4star books

18 3star books

1 2star book

Pages Read: 26,544

Longest Book: Tear Me Apart by J.T. Ellison


Bookish Goals for 2019:

Read 75 books

Plan my review requests out 4-5 months in advance

Take bookmail photos for every book

Send links to reviews to publicists


*What are your goals for 2019?*


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Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

18 thoughts on “A Month of Faves: Challenges and Goals (How Did I Do in 2018)

  1. Sounds like a wonderful year! I remember seeing you talk about your nieces here. They’re lucky to have such a loving aunt. I’ve never taken bookmail photos, but I think I’m going to try that next year.

  2. natashajk says:

    Congrats on more fruit, going down a jean size, and on reading off your shelves. I have a TBR pile of my own books on my dresser and I rarely read anything off of it because, well, my library books have deadlines and these ones don’t. But that shouldn’t make a difference and I really need to reduce that pile!

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