Literary Friday, ya’ll….

This weekend the A’s are coming to visit (well just for one day) and my aunt is en route to Mississippi as I write this- so it’s looking like a busy weekend.

1. ICYMI at Traveling With T: Mrs. Saint and the Defectives and Lost and Found Sisters.


2. News from the Web:  Ivory Owl Reviews recommends 10 thrillers for August, Novelgossip reviews The Good Daughter,  and there is a new podcast to listen to (hosted by my friend Alison Law) called Literary Atlanta!


3. #FridayReads: I just finished The Book of Summer by Michelle Gable and I’m….. disappointed is not the right word, but I feel like it wasn’t as good as it could be. I’m still putting my thoughts together, but I thought The Book of Summer would be THE BOOK OF SUMMER and it just wasn’t. Anyone read this? Thoughts?



*What are you reading this weekend? Need some suggestions? Check out #FuturisticFriday list and 10 Mysteries to Keep You On Your Toes Through Summer!*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

2 thoughts on “Literary Friday, ya’ll….

  1. ondbookshelf says:

    I was kind of ambivalent about The Book of Summer. I really liked the parts about trying to save the house, but the other parts, especially the stupid romances, I could have done without.

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