Futuristic Friday: Find Your New Reads {January- March 2016}

futuristic friday

Oh wow! It’s time for another Futuristic Friday! We have been making our lists and have found some great sounding books that we are excited to read!

For long time fans of Futuristic Friday- 2016 is going to be a shake-up of the feature. We’re including a link-up where you can share books you are excited to read (you know, just in case we missed a few or if you want to echo our thoughts 🙂

And, even more of a shake-up: GIVEAWAYS are happening. Yep. We made our lists, and then took to the email where we presented authors and publicists with finely crafted emails outlining what Futuristic Friday was, how X book was chosen, and how we would love a giveaway. And, you know how if you build it, they will come- if you ask for it, you will (more than likely) get it! So *snaps* to the publicists and authors that played a role in us being able to offer 16 books (at current time- though, there may be one or 2 more- still waiting on final confirmation!) Be sure and check out Traveling With T and Doing Dewey- we’ll be hosting our own giveaways and will be sharing the ones that we are giving away via social media 🙂 But, allow me to be a bookish tease- it’s going to be a good 3 months for giveaways!

On to the books!


Katie @ Doing Dewey’s January 2016 selections:

All The Birds in the Sky, And Again, Excellent Daughters, Moonlight Over Paris and The Geography of Genius.


T @ Traveling With T’s January 2016 selections:

The Bitter Season, The Feathered Bone, The Things We Keep, and The Ex.


Katie @ Doing Dewey February 2016 selections:

Remembrance, Be Frank With Me, In The Land of Armadillos, Why We Came To The City, Pandemic and No Ordinary Life.


Traveling With T’s February 2016 selections:

I’ll See You In Paris, Missing Pieces, The Opposite of Everyone, Try Not To Breathe, Heart Conditions, The Widow and Out of the Blues.


Katie @ Doing Dewey March 2016 selections:

When Women Win, Terrible Virtue, Reader, I Married Him, A Tyranny of Petticoats, Jane Steele and The Fever of 1721.


T @ Traveling With T March 2016 selections:

The Total Package, The Promise of Forgiveness, Between a Book and a Hard Place, Nowhere Girl, The Charm Bracelet.


33 books between the two of us- do you see any you like?

Link-up your list of books that you are excited about for the time period of January-March 2016!



Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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22 thoughts on “Futuristic Friday: Find Your New Reads {January- March 2016}

  1. Excellent titles T, thanks so much for sharing! I looked at each one, and had already marked some as wanting to read, marked others you mentioned that I had not, and have pre-ordered The Ex, by Alafair Burke, one of my favorite authors!! Love the link- ins!!!!

  2. I had several of these on my list and have added more after checking out all of these books. Anxious to see all of the reviews. Thanks for such a great group of books to look forward to.

  3. Lots of great books to get excited for! I remember helping to choose the cover for No Ordinary Life (I think that’s the one I picked?). I’m currently reading The Things We Keep and like it a lot. The only one I can think to add to your list would be The Forgotten Room (Jan. 19), I’m counting the days until I meet the authors on tour!

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