#AMonthOfFaves: This Is How I Blog {The Digital Edition}


Confession: I blog. I blog most days a week. I don’t get all bent out of shape if life gets in the way- but I try to have a blog post up most days a week- whether it’s a review, some bookish talk, giveaway, etc.

But I do tons of things old-school. So, today’s post (This is How I Blog) you probably won’t learn much from me- but I’m hoping to learn lots from you.

Check out the digital goddesses Tanya @ Girlxoxo and Andi @ Estella’s Revenge and then just don’t laugh too hard at my post.


Today’s Prompt:

This Is How I Blog {The Digital Edition} – Essential Computer Programs, Browser Plugins and/or Websites That Rock for Blogging

1. PicMonkey or Canva. I use both- because I love visuals. Love them on my blog, love them in my social media.

2. Buffer. I’m a Buffer girl. I recently upgraded to the Awesome plan and I really love all I can schedule out more social media and with the upgrade you can use the feeds (which comes in handy when I’m trying to quickly schedule some of my social media posts!)

3. Google Docs. Listen, after many, many, many times of authors sending me guest posts and interviews and me then copying and pasting (should be SUCH a simple job) to find out that somehow between a copy and paste and a draft in WordPress- that my formatting was a bit “off” (numerous glasses of wine, tears, and curse words happened) I now put it all in Google Docs- copy and paste- and BOOM- no problem when I get to WordPress. But that’s not all I use Google Docs for. All those giveaway winner announcements, requests for X books, and more- there is a Google Doc saved to be used again and again.

4. Bloglovin. 9 times out of 10- if I like your blog, I’m following it via Bloglovin. I get 1 email per day with all the new posts- and while I may not visit every blog I follow- I can scan my email, see the posts that are the most interesting to me and then visit them then or later. I know others rave about Feedly- and I’m curious- but haven’t tried it yet!


I’m curious to hear what apps rock your blogging world! Tell me 🙂

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Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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13 thoughts on “#AMonthOfFaves: This Is How I Blog {The Digital Edition}

    • lol- the free is fine! I upgraded because I wanted to add an extra account (and with the free- you can only have 1 account for each social media.) Right now- the only difference I see between the free and Awesome is the amount I can pre-schedule (10 for free, 100 for Awesome) and the Feeds (can’t use feeds on Free.) I’m getting my money’s worth- but if you are ok with only having 10 at a time to schedule and not having access to scheduling directly from your feed- I’d stay with free. Until you HAVE to move up 🙂

  1. momssmallvictories says:

    I use these too but free Buffer too. I’m not sure what Feeds means. It would be nice to schedule more than 10, that’s like one day worth before yoube got to load it up again. I use Tailwind which is like Buffer for Pinterest and I’ve seen a good increase in my repin and # of followers so hopefully whatever I’m doing is working. I need to do better writing posts in Google docs and then copy/paste to Wordpresd.

    • So, next time you log into Buffer- above where you schedule your posts- you’ll see Queue, Contributions, and Feeds. Contributions is only available for Buffer for Business- but Feeds is available for Awesome plan. What I did was put my feed for Traveling With T in feeds and then any time something new is posted, I can just scroll over to feeds and then click to buffer it. You can add 15 feeds to your list (so far, I just have mine!)
      Does that make sense?

      The Awesome plan also has Pinterest 🙂 🙂

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