Interview with Ellen Herrick, THE SPARROW SISTERS

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On the third day of Book Talk With R & T- what do we have? An interview with Ellen Herrick. *Pause for applause*

Ellen tells us a bit about the cover selection process and what she is a world class act at- so stick around, read the interview and then pop over to enter the giveaway of The Sparrow Sisters! After that, give Ivory Owl Reviews a visit- because she rocks.

Ready for the interview? Let’s go! Give me an I-N-T-E-R-V-I-E-W!

Interview with Ellen Herrick:


Ellen, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for Book Talk With R & T!

Thrilled to be here! Thanks for thinking of me!


Ellen, THE SPARROW SISTERS is being compared to other books like PRACTICAL MAGIC and SAVING CEE CEE HONEYCUTT. Do those comparisons make you nervous as a debut author?

Being mentioned in the same sentence with a writer like Alice Hoffman makes me check that The Sparrows Sisters really is my book! But, comparisons like these also thrill me and honor me. I am a reader first, then a writer so it is such joy to know that books I love as a reader are being compared to mine.



How involved were you with the cover of THE SPARROW SISTERS?

I was VERY involved! I know that is unusual but Morrow’s designers were generous with their time and talents through the whole process. I wanted a cover that spoke to nature and to the power of three sisters and, by happy coincidence the Sisters live in Ivy House so those leaves are perfect. I think this cover captures The Sparrows Sisters, their mystery and magic, so beautifully. It is strong like the Sisters and evocative like the world of little Granite Point.



Can you tell us about your social media approach- have you been able to interact with readers of THE SPARROW SISTERS?

Do you know what? I am such a boob on the interwebs! However, I’ve had huge help from the marketing team so I am stumbling around with their guidance. The way I have connected with readers most is through twitter, actually. Here’s what I love about the new publishing world: readers and writers can have a conversation. It can be through Twitter or Facebook or even Instagram. I am able to ‘meet’ my readers in a virtual ‘garden’ and share what works (or sometimes doesn’t) for them and what made The Sparrow Sisters special to them. In all my years as a reader I could never just reach out and tell a writer how much I enjoy their work, and then hear back from them!! It is all kind of magical these days!


What is a writing day like for you?

I am a morning girl. I find that I think and write best in the early mornings. Everything around me is new and fresh and that helps me tell a story. I think Alice Hoffman once said that sometimes you just have to start a story with “Once upon a time…” That is what I do with every beginning. I like to believe that my writing is like listening to someone read a fairy tale, “Once up on a time there were three sisters…” I am also a very visceral writer so sight and smell and touch are as important to the story as dialogue and action. Finally, I always write with music. I have playlists of all sorts to keep me in the story. I have ‘fall in love’ playlists, ‘break up’ playlists, ‘soaring, landscape-y playlists’ and, working on this new book which features two Irish characters, I have a playlist full of Celtic fiddles and harps and mystical voices. So fun!


What’s next? Book tour? Writing a new book? Taking a long nap?

I have some readings a signings coming up through September, which terrify me and thrill me equally. I am writing a new book, it is set in Granite Point and Ireland and I am happy to be back in the magical little village by the sea. I just sent my last child off to college (number 3, and the only girl, sniff!) so the world is quieter now, and a little emptier. As for napping, I am a world-class napper, unless of course I’m reading a book I can’t put down!

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Photo Credit: William Morrow 9/1


Happy Reading!

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