The Sparrow Sisters by Ellen Herrick

the sparrow sisters

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This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

The Sparrow Sisters

Summary from Goodreads:

With echoes of the alchemy of Practical Magic, the lushness of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, and the darkly joyful wickedness of the Witches of East End, Ellen Herrick’s debut novel spins an enchanting love story about a place where magic whispers just beneath the surface and almost anything is possible, if you aren’t afraid to listen

The Sparrow sisters are as tightly woven into the seaside New England town of Granite Point as the wild sweet peas that climb the stone walls along the harbor. Sorrel, Nettie and Patience are as colorful as the beach plums on the dunes and as mysterious as the fog that rolls into town at dusk.

Patience is the town healer and when a new doctor settles into Granite Point he brings with him a mystery so compelling that Patience is drawn to love him, even as she struggles to mend him. But when Patience Sparrow’s herbs and tinctures are believed to be implicated in a local tragedy, Granite Point is consumed by a long-buried fear—and its three hundred year old history resurfaces as a modern day witch-hunt threatens. The plants and flowers, fruit trees and high hedges begin to wither and die, and the entire town begins to fail; fishermen return to the harbor empty-handed, and blight descends on the old elms that line the lanes.

It seems as if Patience and her town are lost until the women of Granite Point band together to save the Sparrow. As they gather, drawing strength from each other, will they be able to turn the tide and return life to Granite Point?

The Sparrow Sisters is a beautiful, haunting, and thoroughly mesmerizing novel that will capture your imagination.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

When I first heard about this book at BEA, I was incredibly stoked about this book. I was even more AHHHHH when I actually met Ellen Herrick and heard her talk about THE SPARROW SISTERS.

So, but, sometimes I have this bad unavoidable habit of building a book up to much in my mind. And this book had been built up to pretty epic proportions. So, as I sat down to read- I was a bit worried. Magical realism and I do not always have the smoothest relationship.

I started with THE SPARROW SISTERS and I would read a bit, then feel the need to take nap. It was like the sweet words, the phrasings were singing me a sweet lullaby because I wasn’t bored- I was just lulled into a sweet dreamworld where there are places like Granite Point just waiting for me to discover them.

What I loved:

The Cover.

Patience and Henry. Both needed each other for various reasons and both were fighting it for various reasons. Reminded me of the Sandra Bullock/Aidan Quinn dynamic in PRACTICAL MAGIC.

The character Matty.

How the Sisters were so involved with each other.

The way each chapter began- with a little note at the top.

And how Ellen Herrick teased us readers at the end.


What I didn’t love:

I do think it could have been slightly shorter- I was drawn into the world- but a few pages shorter might have kept me feeling super-sweet about the book!

How certain characters were unfair to the Sisters.


Bottom line: A sweet debut and one I would say you should consider for reading!


*The Sparrow Sisters was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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8 thoughts on “The Sparrow Sisters by Ellen Herrick

  1. ondbookshelf says:

    I have this one to read. I’ve read that the magical realism is in the same vein as Sarah Addison Allen. If that’s the case then I should be good, but if it takes off too much with magic, I’m not sure I’ll be a fan. Stay tuned because it’s a bit down in the ol’ tbr pile 🙂

  2. I have this on my tbr list. I also have the habit of building a book up so much that sometimes when I do finally get to it, it doesn’t meet my expectations.

  3. I had mixed feelings about this one, but when the end suggested the possibility of a sequel and I felt super excited about that idea, that made me realize I liked it more than I didn’t. My biggest problem was the romantic relationship. The magical realism was just perfect for me though 🙂

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