Book Talk With R & T: Movie Cast for THOSE GIRLS

Book Talk with R and T Movie Cast for Those Girls

Sometimes I read a book and I get this instant picture in my mind of the character and sometimes I’ll be watching TV/movies and see an actor and think “OMG, that’s the perfect X from X book!”

My selections for THOSE GIRLS came from both instances 🙂 Read on for more- but be sure to check out Ivory Owl Reviews selections (she totes nails the right people!)

Dani (younger): True O’Brien (she’s currently playing Paige on Days of Our Lives)

Dallas (older): Daniela Ruah (she plays on NCIS: LA)


Jess (Younger) I never could get a clear picture in my mind of her!)

Jamie (older) Karla Souza (I just love her in How to Get Away With Murder)


Courtney (younger) Maybe Abigail Breslin?

Crystal (older) AnnaLynne McCord


I never could get a good pic of a younger Brian. I kept thinking a younger Zach Efron like- with a little more scruff, a little more darkness- but nobody captured the right look. I do like Jason Cook (who used to play ShawnD on Days of Our Lives- he has the right type of look (but is probably too old for the younger Brian role- and not quite right for the older!)

The older Brian- I think Anson Mount (think how he looked in Non-Stop) would make the perfect Brian.


Gavin (younger) Josh Warren (he plays the stoner guy on remake of Footloose)

Gavin (older) Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews picked the perfect Gavin. I can’t compete. 🙂


So, after you check out Rhiannon’s choices- let us know what you think!


Happy Reading!

Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews and T @ Traveling With T

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