{Announcement} She Reads Books of Spring

She Reads Books of Spring 1

Hello and welcome to spring reading! If you know me, you know that not only do I blog at Traveling With T and keep the social media fires a’burning at various other locations… BUT that I am also a super-active member of the She Reads Blog Network AND I host their Twitter chats. So- yes, I love me some SHE READS! 🙂

Monday those fine ladies at She Reads made the big announcement of what books we will be reading for spring- and because SO many of you fabulous readers love you some women’s fiction- I thought I might clue you in on to what books will be the ones we’re all chattering about for the next 2 months!

Want to stay up to date? If you do the Twitter thing- check out the HT #SRBlog. You can usually find a few of us a’tweeting away about the books!

Hop right over to She Reads and check out THE BOOKS OF SPRING. Summaries of books and a giveaway will be found there! You will also be able to read reviews from actual She Reads Blog Network Members as well.

And what about those Twitter chats? I’m working on getting them scheduled- but keep an eye on this page and my Twitter feed for the most up to date news!



Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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4 thoughts on “{Announcement} She Reads Books of Spring

  1. Books in the Burbs says:

    I am so excited about this line up of fantastic books!! She Reads is the best place for us to read awesome books and share them with others 😀

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