Pssst….. Did you hear the news? TESS IS BACK!

Tess is Back 1

Hey folks! You may be aware that Laura Lippman has recently become an author that I’m enjoying quite a bit- I read her AFTER I’M GONE last year and then just a couple of months ago read AND WHEN SHE WAS GOOD as part of Tanya @ 52 Books or Bust #freerangereading challenge. And then HUSH HUSH (Laura’s newest book) was chosen as part of Futuristic Friday– books I was looking forward to reading in Jan-March 2015!

So, yesterday, when one of the publicity folks emailed me about William Morrow’s marketing campaign that is all about Tess- I just felt it was right for you all to know! Read on!

According to Katherine at William Morrow:

In anticipation of Hush Hush, we created a dedicated landing page: This site will be updated weekly with new sweepstake opportunities, character profiles, and audio excerpts from Hush Hush. It even has an awesome interactive map of Baltimore where you can see key events from the Tess series!

If you are a life-long fan on Tess, I know this is good news for you to hear. And if you are more of a recent fan- it’s still good!

Go check out the website and report back! And be sure and look for my review of HUSH HUSH the week of February 24th!

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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