Looking Back: 2014 Futuristic Friday Picks {How Many Did I Read?}

futuristic friday



So 2014 was the birth of a joint feature called Futuristic Friday. I asked Katie @ Doing Dewey to join in and she quickly agreed. For me, it’s been the best- me and Katie do have some similar reading tastes (we are both She Reads bloggers!) but Katie also loves her some nonfiction and other books- books that would fly under my radar without her mentioning them and making me aware!

When this feature started, it was something I needed. I need to break down the reading year into smaller chunks, to find the books I want to read and to focus on that (which then frees up my mind to sort through interesting review requests/free range reading) So, I told Katie that toward the end of the year, I was going to do a post that tallied up how many books I suggested/read…. Here is the post!

So.. how did I do?

January 2014– 5 books suggested. Read 3.

These were my 2 faves from that selection post!


February 2014– 4 books suggested. Read 3.

Good Books!


March 2014-4 books suggested. Read 4.

2 of my faves!


April 2014– 4 books suggested. Read 4.

ember island by kimberly freeman

Photo Credit: Goodreads


I LOVED this book. Kimberley has some Sarah Jio/Kate Morton flavoring- and I have adored the 2 books of hers that I have read!


May 2014– 3 books suggested. Read 2.

the secret life of violet grant

Photo Credit: Goodreads


Ahh Beatriz. She entertains. That is all you need to know.


June 2014– 4 books suggested. Read 3.

Identity was my fave of that- but the other 2 were good!


July 2014– 7 books suggested. Read all. (July was a good month ya’ll!)


August 2014– 3 Book suggested. Read 1.

the objects of her affection by sonjay cobb

Photo Credit: Goodreads



September 2014– 7 books suggested. Read 4.


October 2014– 8 books suggested. Read 5.

Truth Be Told

Photo Credit: Goodreads


Psst.. Jane and Jake sizzle in this book. Plus- there is a pretty good mystery!


November 2014– 4 books suggested. Read 3.

The Cinderella Murder

Photo Credit: Goodreads


Two fave mystery writers team up to write a book? SIGN ME UP!


December 2014– 3 suggested. Read 2 (so far!)

Death With all the trimmings

Photo Credit: Goodreads



But wait… I’m not finished… I also read 2 of Katie’s picks!!!!!! Can you guess which ones of Katie’s I read? (Hint: One has a beautiful dress on cover AND the other has gardening and life lessons wrapped up in nonfiction package!)

Ok, ok, ok… I won’t tease you anymore……


My stats for 2014 Futuristic Friday:

  • 56 books suggested.
  • 41 read. (+ 2 of Katie’s) = 43  2014 Futuristic Friday selections read.
  • I’m going to write this year down as win!


If you loved Futuristic Friday, have no fear- we will be back. Getting our lists together for 2015 reads! And if you are just now hearing about this- stick around for a spell- between Katie and I, we’ll add to your TBR!


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

T Traveling With T pic sign off









5 thoughts on “Looking Back: 2014 Futuristic Friday Picks {How Many Did I Read?}

  1. I haven’t counted mine up yet, but I think I read a lot of my recommendations too 🙂 I actually just read The Fever and while I enjoyed it, for me, I don’t think it lived up to the hype. I’ve read a lot of very positive reviews, but I thought a lot of it was fairly predictable and it didn’t feel like something new in the YA genre to me.

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