A Month of Faves: {My Faves From The Week!}

a month of favorites event GirlXoxo

You guys.. I have a secret (well not so secret now!) confession. I haven’t read ALL the posts from this week. I’m caught up on Monday and Thursday posts since ya’ll linked up at my blog (just read them today tho!) and I’m beginning to catch up on Tues and Wed posts. Friday- I’ll get them to sometime!

Why I am so late? Life. The kitty cat had his pin removed yesterday and was groggy from the meds and was just so pitiful. Then other things like a tree getting decorated, trying to sort out all the family Christmas get togethers- and ya’ll, I’m tired!

Link it up today at Estella’s Revenge and give a major shout-out to Girlxoxo who had the mind to dream up this event that has brought us all together!

But enough whining. (Seriously, can I get some minions, tho?) Before we get into the choosing favorites- let me tell you this: I’m so trying to keep up with ya’ll on ALL the social media as well- and I know I’m lagging behind- so if you do the Twitter thing- help a gal out and follow me @rockstar1023. Thank you kindly!


Here’s the faves:

Girlxoxo shares her winter survival tips (water plays a major part!)

Reading Is Not The Challenge because her winter survival tips was SO creative!

My Novel Opinion is talking about some peppermint mocha!

Flo and The Green Light because her Piktochart was so cute (and because A Touch of Book Madness helped her out! I’m LOVING the exchange of info that is happening in #amonthoffaves!)

A Girl That Likes Books because she is starting a reading challenge in 2015 all about diversity in books!

Library Educated because her review of Empire In Sin makes me want to read  that book!


There you have it!!

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

T Traveling With T pic sign off


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