Looking Back: 2014 Futuristic Friday Picks {How Many Did I Read?}

futuristic friday



So 2014 was the birth of a joint feature called Futuristic Friday. I asked Katie @ Doing Dewey to join in and she quickly agreed. For me, it’s been the best- me and Katie do have some similar reading tastes (we are both She Reads bloggers!) but Katie also loves her some nonfiction and other books- books that would fly under my radar without her mentioning them and making me aware!

When this feature started, it was something I needed. I need to break down the reading year into smaller chunks, to find the books I want to read and to focus on that (which then frees up my mind to sort through interesting review requests/free range reading) So, I told Katie that toward the end of the year, I was going to do a post that tallied up how many books I suggested/read…. Here is the post!

So.. how did I do? Continue reading