A Month of Faves: Favorites From Week 2

a month of favorites event GirlXoxo

You GUYS! Is it me or has week 2 flew by in a flurry of posts? I am loving all the posts. LOVING them. But I have a teensy thing to say- and to borrow a line from my fav kid book- The Monster At The End of The Book- if you guys don’t stop with all these fab posts- you’re going to make a mess of my bloggy world. I’ve got sticky notes all over the place reminding myself to find you on Twitter, to add you to my Bloglovin’ feed, to check back on this and that- and my desk is ONE HOT MESS. Please let me have a day where I can my hot desk mess cleaned up, caught up, and then continue on with your fab selves.

So since we are at end of week 2- is everyone having fun?! I hope so! We have major snaps to Girlxoxo for creating this event and for Estella’s Revenge in her hosting help!

But enough jibber-jabber, right? (I can TOTES see you thinking that!) And on to my Favorite Posts from Week 2!

Helen @ My Novel Opinion Year End Timeline was a thing of beauty. And is inspiring me to keep better track ofΒ  my stats for next year. (Until I get halfway through the year and begin to cry in my wine glass because I’ll have forgot something!)


Megan @ Leafing Through Life won me over with her comment about May: “This is the month I remember I have a blog.” Humor, FTW!


Two Favorites that I saw from yesterday’s Life Hacks post: Florinda @ The 3 R’s and Valeria @ A Touch Of Book Madness posted some useful lifehack tips that I am itching to implement!


M @ Reading Is Not The Challenge echos my feelings on The Goldfinch “when she threw the book across the room in frustration at page 200”. I TOTALLY understood her feelings.


And lastly…. Estella’s Revenge Year Timeline because I heart her Timeline image!


I can’t wait to see all YOUR Faves!


And now for the linkup:

Mr. Linky is RIGHT HERE:



Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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10 thoughts on “A Month of Faves: Favorites From Week 2

  1. Oh it has flown by so quickly! We are almost in the middle of December, and I think I’m freacking out. Where did the year go? I hope you can use some of the time during the weekend to organize the mess you were talking about, lol.

  2. Keep calm T: Even I achieve to survive so it is possible πŸ˜‰ Of course my desk is a mess but it’s like this all year long and, oddly enough, I’m not compiling bunch of info on post-it (I’m addicted to them) but wisely add people on Twitter (well, sometimes, in my enthousiasm I make mistakes and unfollow someone I want to follow but that I have forgotten I’m already following. You’re lost? It’s normal ;p), add blogs to my Feedly and try to update my links.
    My plan for this weekend, however, will be to read. Surprising idea…
    Have a good weekend T and remember it will be worse when X-mas and all will be there (no more time!)

    • πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I am so trying! I started the post its b/c I was busy with work and tweeting/commenting in breaks. So I thought how easy it would be to jot down a few notes. But now it looks like POst its have thrown up all over my desk. I have my daily planner in disarray- and Christmas cards are stacking up. Ai yay yi!

      BREATHE. I MUST remember to BREATHE.

      You sound like you have a fab weekend planned! I’ll be going to see my sweet niece and do some shopping- so not sure how much reading I’ll do. Oh and I have a Christmas tree that is up- but not decorated!

  3. I have to agree with you that the time is flying. Before you know it will be 2015. Which means so long awaited book releases will finally be available. Yayyy!!! Also A Month of Favorites has introduce me to new books as well as new bloggers. Really enjoying this event even though I’m lagging behind …lol

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