A Month of Faves: 5 Fave TV Shows

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So today is either Digital Life Hacks or 5 Fave Non-bookish things. Since Estella’s Revenge is hosting the link-up and I’m sure she’s got some fab Digital Life Hacks- I’m going to babble on about other fave things of mine- TELEVISION!!! I wonder what Girlxoxo will be chatting about?! Can’t wait to see!

Now most people think that as much as I love reading- I wouldn’t have much time for TV. So wrong. SO wrong. I love TV.

Here are some of current fave shows:

1. Revenge– deliciously soapy. I love Emily. She’s wonderful. The back and forth between Emily and Victoria is legendary.

2. Nashville– a soap opera type show set in Nashville. Juliette is a remarkable character. You never know exactly what she’ll do next- but you know it’ll be good.

3. Days of Our Lives– I have been watching DAYS since I was a kid. I loved the summers when I could watch it in real time! I’m still mourning the loss of EJAMI!


2 Past Faves:

1. The Practice– a show about a group of lawyers. Strange cases, story arcs, and Plan B! Season 3 was the best!

2. Designing Women– oh my stars- how I love those Southern ladies. I identify with all of them- but Suzanne the most!


What are your fave shows? Let  me know!


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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19 thoughts on “A Month of Faves: 5 Fave TV Shows

  1. I’d like to get back into watching Revenge. We watched it the first couple seasons, then started watching The Walking Dead, and it became a victim of too many DVR conflicts. LOL. I need to get on Netflix and catch up. Nashville is one of our favorites. Occasionally it feels a little too “soapy” but I can’t get enough of the characters, and the music, too.

    • I’m like the only person that does not watch TWD. I do love my Revenge, though. It’s not as good as it was the first cpl of seasons- but it’s still enjoyable. I like soaps-so when Nashville gets “soapy” it’s no prob- I know exactly what you mean by that, tho!) I LOVE the Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet song!

  2. Melissa says:

    Now this is something I know a little bit about! There are so many but here’s 3: Blue Bloods, Chicago Fire and Young & Restless.

    Past: Gilmore Girls & Friends.

    I haven’t seen Revenge or Nashville. I hear good things about it though.

  3. I think I might talk about TV next week. I have too many favorites to list in a comments section. I will say one of my all time past favorites is One Tree Hill. Love that show.

  4. I haven’t seen any of this shows, but I’ve heard revenge is the best. I love so many series but lately I’ve been having trouble catching up with all of them. My current favourites are Outlander, The Big Band Theory, How to Get Away with Murder, Downton Abbey and So You Think You Can Dance! Love those shows!

    • How to Get Away With Murder is my fave NEW show. I enjoy The Big Bang Theory as well. I’m trying to catch up with Downton Abbey via ITunes- and like the ones I’ve watched- but I’m SO far behind. Still in first season!

    • I like Scandal too- I’m so behind on the show. I caught up with first season and have watched about half of 3rd season and most of the 4th that has aired. But I know I’m missing so much! And yes- Sheldon- gotta love him!

  5. A clever idea for your response. My husband is the television watcher in our family, and I am woefully unaware of current shows. I guess I have to say my favorites would be on PBS, Downton Abbey and all that. But, thanks for keeping me current!

      • Then the upside is you have much to look forward to. In my opinion. Love Love Love that show, and when I first mentioned it, all the ‘babies’ in the teacher’s lounge scorned my affection for PBS. Now who’s laughing? 🙂

      • I bought the first season on Itunes to watch on my Ipad. So I’ve watched, I think, maybe 3 epis. I’ve been enjoying what I watched- although the man that can’t walk very well makes me sad. I KNOW! Like I had not even heard of the show- then all of a sudden everyone is Downton Abbey crazy!

  6. YES! I love that you watch Nashville…I will try any show that contains a Friday Night Lights alum…especially Tami Taylor. So, I obviously am into Nashville…and I almost love Rayna has much as Tami! And I totally love Deacon….

    And – yes, Juliette adds amazing spice…as does Jeff Fordham…what a great villain!

    • I LOVE Nashville. LOVE it. I did not watch FNL- but really enjoy Rayna (although I am still more of a Juliette fan!) I like Deacon as well! Jeff Fordham- I’m always curious about what he’ll be getting into next. And am never disappointed. Especially his latest debacle with Layla (? Is that her name? I forget her name sometimes!)

      I HAVE NOT WATCHED Wed night’s epi yet. I forgot it was a new one- and am trying to avoid talk about it till I see it!

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